8 Closet Organization Tips

Get a clean, organized closet with these simple steps
6:40 PM, Jul 12, 2019

Whether you have a custom closet organization installation or a traditional rod and pole design, these nine organization tips will help you maximize your space and reduce clutter. Use these tips to create organizational habits that will not only get your closet organized but keep it that way day after day.

1. Have Easy Access to Hampers

Hampers that are built into your closet are the best way to stay organized with items that are no longer clean and hanging. If a built-in hamper is not an option for you, try storing your hamper off the ground. Also, ensure it’s the right size for your needs to avoid the messy look of an overflowing basket.

2. Designate a Donation Hamper

Have a hamper in your closet specifically designated to hold clothing and items you want to donate. As you find items in your closet you no longer need, simply add it to the donation hamper.

3. Purge and Donate Unnecessary Items

Once you have your donation hamper, fill it up! To create more space, go through your closet and get rid of items that you don’t need or use anymore. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of items you haven’t used in six months to a year.

4. Switch to Matching Skinny Hangers

Skinny hangers take up approximately one-third of their larger, plastic counterparts. Saving this valuable closet and implementing a uniform color for your hangers helps create a streamlined look in your closet. It also increases your storage capacity. As an added benefit, skinny, fabric-covered hangers will not damage your clothes like their plastic counterparts may.

5. Place Items in Logical Locations

You know your usage patterns best. Store the pieces of clothing and shoes that you use most in easy to reach spots. Keep other everyday items close to the front for easy access. Seasonable items can be rotated in as appropriate, while formal wear and interview suits should be hung toward the back of your closet.

6. Use Baskets

Use baskets to store clothing pieces that do not hang. The basket creates a designated space for the items and keeps the area neat. Keep like items together in the same basket.

7. Color Coordinate Your Closet

Organize the clothes you hang by color. It looks beautiful and makes it easier to find specific pieces.

8. Stagger Your Shoes

Shoes are undoubtedly one of the bulkiest items in your closet. Save space by staggering your shoes on the shelf. To do so, place one shoe backward and one shoe forward. You’ll save space, but still be able to see all your options.

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