5 Floor Care Tips For All Types of Flooring

Keep your floors looking great with these floor care tips
6:31 PM, Jul 12, 2019
6:43 PM, Jul 12, 2019

No matter what type of flooring you have in your home, proper maintenance can help extend the life of your floor and keep it looking great.

1. Less Product, More Frequency

It is a common misbelief that more product will lead to a better result. For the best results, use less cleaning product, but clean more often. Sweep laminate, wood, luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl regularly. Then, mop with a clean damp mop. Do not over wet your floor or use harsh chemicals, which can damage the floor’s finish.

2. Have the Basics

Purchase a basic floor care kit in order to ensure you have the necessary tools to keep your floors clean. These basic items are the best way to maintain your floors without using harsh chemicals. A basic floor care kit includes a mop or handle with cleaning pads, terry cloth towels, a cleaning formula designed for your specific type of flooring, a broom, a dustpan and a good quality vacuum.

3. Vacuum Weekly

Vacuum carpet at least once per week, and attend to high-traffic areas twice per week. For the best clean, adjust the beater bar on your vacuum so that it is just brushing the surface of the carpet. If the beater bar on your vacuum is not adjustable, remove it.

4. Blot Stains

Blot wet stains with a damp, white terry cloth towel. Do not saturate the stain with water. Continue to blot with fresh clean towels until the stain is out. Cover the damp spot with a fresh dry white terry cloth towel until the carpet is dry. Damp carpet that is uncovered will attract dust from the air and lead to a new stain.

5. Regular Professional Cleanings

Carpet should be cleaned by professional hot water extraction every 18 months to keep warranties in effect. Regular professional cleanings help prevent dirt from settling too deep.

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