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Where to capture the most picturesque scenes of San Diego

Here's where Instagrammers love to take pictures
Posted: 12:08 PM, Jul 26, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-26 19:20:54Z

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — One of San Diego County's strengths is the variety of climates.

From the beach to the mountains, our region sports some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

If you jump on Instagram of Facebook, you may notice local photographers don't waste any time heading to these locations for inspiration.

And you can do the same, all you need is your phone or a digital camera.

So whether you're looking to beef up your social media feed or challenge yourself with some photography, here's where you'll find some of the best opportunities for photos in San Diego:

Windansea Beach

Head to La Jolla to take in beautiful scenes of sunsets, beachgoers, and waves crashing on shore at Windansea Beach. The location is also great practice for dealing with low-light situations at sunset or dusk.

Neighborhood signs

Find a neighborhood sign around San Diego and take a photo! There are plenty to choose from, from the Gaslamp Quarter marquee to The Boulevard to El Cajon. The locations make great locations showcasing the diversity of San Diego's neighborhoods.

Anza-Borrego Desert

It's a hike, but Anza-Borrego offers some of the most captivating scenes around of San Diego County's desert. The location is great for incorporating stars into photography thanks to the low levels of light pollution and the climate (metal dinosaurs?) can lead to some creative compositions. 

Oceanside Pier

If you're looking for stereotypical San Diego beach scenes, Oceanside Pier is the place. Photographers can capture surfers hitting the waves, symmetrical shots underneath the pier, and onlookers taking in the scene.


Head to the north-east area of the county to Julian for shots of old county vibes. The area is filled with historic buildings and trinkets, giving photographers the chance for some great black and white photography. 

Balboa Park

One of the area's most photographed locations has to be Balboa Park. The park's California Tower, Cabrillo Bridge, Botanical Garden and lily pond, and more all make great places for photography.


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Photographers have some unique opportunities in Coronado. There's the scenic beach, Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado Bay Bridge, or across the bay facing the San Diego skyline. There's no limit on the scenes available.



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Mount Laguna

For more East County photography, Mount Laguna is another great location. Little to no light pollution gives photographers a glimpse at vast starry landscapes in the sky while (both dead and living) trees create an awe-inspiring frame.

Mission Bay

For a combination of palm trees, beachgoers, and sunsets, Mission Bay is the perfect place to set up a tripod. Plenty of residents can be found walking along the shores or out on the beach or on the water having fun.

San Diego skyline

We can't leave out the city's skyline. San Diego's unique downtown setup can be seen from Coronado or Balboa Park, both great spots to take in the scene. Between the lights reflecting off the bay's waters or planes coming in for a landing, the skyline can make for a great shot.