Storm Shield: A sophisticated weather radio on your smartphone

Download Storm Shield from iTunes and Google Play

Stay ahead of the storm with a weather app that's now available for your Android device.

Storm Shield is a life-saving app that acts like a NOAA Emergency Weather Radio on your iPhone or Android. You will receive critical alerts via voice and push notification regarding major weather events. 

Your phone will "wake up" with alerts wherever you are. It has been available for the iPhone, but now Android users can download it, too.

Here are the amazing features of Storm Shield:

More Accurate and Precise Weather Alerts - Storm Shield provides more accurate alerts than those offered by typical consumer alerting services. Most of these services will alert you to severe weather if you are in a county only partially covered by a watch or warning, even if you are not directly within the watch/warning. Storm Shield ensures you receive an alert only if your device or saved locations fall inside a watch/warning box.

Follow Me - The app will alert you if you are in an area when a relevant watch or warning is issued, no matter where you are in the United States.

Friends and Family - You can save up to five locations in addition to your current position. This will help you make sure your friends and family in other locations are safe as well.

Battery Management - You can control how much accuracy you want the application to use for your location, and thus impact the battery management.

Audio - Storm Shield provides audio alerts in the form of beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type. The audio could wake you in the middle of the night, or give you information you need when you can't stop to look at the phone. Furthermore, you can listen to the alerts and forecasts for your area at any time.

To download the app, search Storm Shield in the App store or in the Google Play store.

And there's another way you can stay on top of incoming storms.

Sign up for newsletter alerts from 10News, when severe weather watches and warnings are issued by the National Weather Service. All you do is pick the county or counties you want be notified about and when an alert is issued, you'll get an email in your inbox.

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