StubHub security threatens to boot 'Boltman' from Chargers game over mask policy

(KGTV) - Arguably the Chargers number one fan was nearly booted from the team's new home in Los Angeles - and, now, he may not return.

The Los Angeles Charger's unofficial mascot "Boltman," fan Dan Jauregui, was threatened with ejection from last Sunday's matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to a video posted on Facebook and Twitter.

"Taking away the game day experience by not letting people dress up to rally the team is ludicrous. Especially if they have to take everything off at the gate and then put everything back on in their seats," Jauregui said following the incident. "I have friends that go to the games with their face painted and wear wigs, if they have to remove all that in order to leave their seats that would be tough."

In the video, Jauregui and another fan, "NFL Road Warrior," are taking photos along the StubHub Center's concourse when two security personnel walked over and asked them to take off their masks until they reached their seats.

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When Jauregui asks the security guards why wearing a mask is an issue they cited policy saying, "new stadium, new policy," the video showed.

After further back and forth, security tells Jauregui he can either remove his mask or be escorted out of the stadium. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was also called to escort him from the stadium.

A few minutes later, however, security allows Jauregui to stay in the facility with his Boltman outfit intact.

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"I just walked right in, even after the alarms went off. I was dressed up in full gear, with the Boltman head on," Jauregui said. "The girl at the gate said 'hi' and I walked right through. Not the normal protocol I'm used to in San Diego."

Jauregui said part of his concern is that he was able to walk through security unchecked and received conflicting reasons from security personnel.

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"I was getting different answers from every single one of them. One initially said it was an NFL rule, another said it was a StubHub policy, and another said it was a Charger's policy. If you can believe it, another said it was an AEG policy," Jauregui said.

Jauregui said he tried to make his way to his seat at one point but security continued to hold him for 20 minutes.

A spokesperson with the Chargers said the policy against masks outside of seating areas is meant to help security when it comes to screening guests for intoxication or alcohol sales, as well as an identity on security footage should a crime occur:

"Security wants to be able to see all guests’ faces to evaluate both intoxication and age (for the purchase of alcohol). Also, they do not want masks of any kind worn on the concourse because it prohibits security cameras from identifying a possible suspect if a crime occurs. Taking these legitimate security concerns into account but still wanting to be supportive of our most passionate fans, the Chargers worked with StubHub Center to allow for masks to be worn in-stadium, but only within the stadium bowl in the ticketed seating area."

StubHub Center's website under the "dress code" section reads:

"StubHub Center prohibits the wearing of masks or costumes covering the face while passing through stadium security upon entry, on the concourse and at all concession/merchandise locations. Masks may be worn, however, within the stadium bowl in the ticketed seating area. Additionally, costume pieces (e.g., shoulder pads or props) that do not conceal identity may be worn, but must pass through stadium metal detectors and are subject to further security screening."

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Jauregui said he's all for following procedures whether they be from the Chargers or StubHub, but said ticket holders haven't been properly notified.

"I am all for following the Chargers policies and procedures with respect to ticket holders, but in all fairness, these policies need to be properly shared with ticket holder's, through all the tools the Chargers use to get this information out prior to game day," Jauregui said.

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As for Boltman's future at Chargers games, that remains up in the air. While he said his original intention has been to travel and support the Chargers players, Jauregui doesn't want to make a rash decision on traveling to Carson before a new stadium (and once again, new policies) is built.

"I will always be a San Diego Chargers fan at heart and I will try to adopt the relocation. But, if this is the way San Diego Chargers fans will be treated at a game in LA, it is going to be a lot harder to support the franchise."

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