Seau's home sold for nearly $2 million

Oceanside home owned by late Chargers great


The Oceanside home of former Charger Junior Seau has been sold, according to a North County Times report.

The North County Times reported that Seau's home was sold on Aug. 31 for $1,975,000.

The home, which has been on the market since July, has breathtaking ocean views, three bedrooms and is located just feet away from the water.

Ordinarily, the home would have been an easy sell, but it was also where Seau lived and where he fatally shot himself in the chest in May. Earlier this year, 10News reported on the difficulty of selling the property.

10News asked experts whether the notoriety would help or hurt the sale.

"Certainly, there is a draw to some people for a celebrity's home," said Donna San Filippo, the president of the San Diego Association of Realtors.

By law, real estate agents are required to disclose a death in the home in the past three years.

Other notorious houses never sold at all or took years for the memories to fade. The Rancho Santa Fe home where 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult committed suicide was torn down. The property then sold for pennies on the dollars.

In 1992, three children and their mother, Gail Spiro, were found dead, shot execution-style in their beds in a home in Rancho Santa Fe. Several years passed before there were any takers for that house.

"When something like that happens, houses like that have such a stigma," said realtor Mary Buchanan. "They're just harder to sell."

Seau's home had a $2.3 million price tag, which is almost $1 million less than what Seau paid for it in 2005. The listing agent said that the lower price tag is due to the real estate slump, not on the tragedy that occurred inside.


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