Pre-election poll: Chargers' new stadium measure may not have enough voter support to pass

SAN DIEGO - With 30 days remaining until votes are counted, a new pre-election poll shows the Chargers' downtown stadium initiative may not have enough support to pass.

According to a 10News/San Diego Union-Tribune poll conducted by SurveyUSA, 41 percent of city of San Diego voters are certain to vote against the Chargers' Measure C. The poll shows 36 percent are certain to vote for the initiative, while 23 percent remain unsure.

SurveyUSA reported "If those uncertain voters are removed, the measure today is defeated 53% to 47%."

Meanwhile, Measure D, the alternative initiative to Measure C, appears to have the support of city voters. The poll shows 32 percent of voters certain to vote for it, while 26 percent would not. A large percentage of voters -- 42 percent -- say they are unsure on their Measure D vote.

SurveyUSA reported: "If those uncertain voters are removed, Measure D passes today 55% to 43%. That would be more than a simple majority but short of a 2:1 supermajority."

Additionally, voters were asked if the Chargers' recent performance would influence their decision to vote for or against a new stadium. The poll found that 34 percent were less likely to support a new stadium, while 10 percent were more likely to support one. A whopping 54 percent said the team's performance would make no difference in their decision-making.

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The release of the poll came five days after San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer endorsed Measure C. The mayor said he was taking a long-term view of the stadium issue and not just focusing on the November election. He said his backing came after Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos agreed to a series of protections for the city.

Majorities said Faulconer's endorsement performance this season would not make a difference in the way they vote.

No individual demographic in the latest poll reached the necessary 66 percent support, and the only one that came close was supporters of Measure D, which would guide the future course of tourism policy and determine the fate of the Qualcomm Stadium property should it be abandoned by the Chargers.

The only demographics to give Measure C even a simple majority were respondents who described themselves as "somewhat conservative," at 51 percent. Half of those who described themselves as Republicans favored the measure.

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