San Diego Padres' 'deep brand study' will include possible uniform changes

But likely not until the 2020 season...

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - It's a debate that has long been around the San Diego sports world, but also seen a new furor among the next generation of local fans.

San Diego Padres. To bring back the brown, or not.

The uniforms of the Padres have seen their share of changes over the years and thus debate among fans. Many fans recall the brown as something that makes the team so unique and sets the Pads apart from a mundane sea of blue and white.

Others dwell on the pinstripes and blue and orange that adorned the 1998 World Series team.

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In any case, there may be a change on the horizon - just not for a couple seasons.

A Padres spokesperson confirmed to 10News Friday the team will be conducting a "deep brand study," which includes uniform options, in the future. The team hopes the results of this study will help leadership make a "fully-informed, data-driven decision" in shaping the team's uniform upgrades in the future. No timetable was immediately given on when the study would begin.

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Though, while the 2018 deadline for uniform changes has passed, it may be awhile until fans see the Friars march onto the diamond in brown or mustard on a permanent basis - if data so compels the team to decide, of course.

Also, a plan is already in the works for the 2019 season, celebrating the Padres 50th anniversary.

"The MLB deadline for 2018 uniform changes has already passed, and we already have a plan in the works for the 50th anniversary of the franchise for 2019, so the earliest fans can expect to see a major uniform update/rollout would likely be 2020."

Looks like "Bring Back the Brown" fans have to wait until 2020 to find out if their pleas have been heard.

The Padres reintroduced the brown and yellow the team sported for 16 seasons as an alternate away jersey for Friday home games during the 2016 season. The brown jerseys returned for Friday home games during the 2017 season as well.

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The "Bring Back the Brown" campaign has gained momentum in the last few seasons as fans have been given a taste of the color scheme. Fans and websites covering the San Diego Padres, including Gaslamp Ball, Friarhood, and others, have all called for the return of the brown and yellow across social media.

Earlier this year, Padres Chairman Ron Fowler said past research didn't show enough interest in the retro color scheme, according to a Voice of San Diego podcast.

Perhaps new research will change the organization's stance on the jersey color, though it looks like fans have at least a couple more seasons before knowing.

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