Jon Horn: Still a Chargers fan, but missing the passion that evaporated with the move

If they were losing in San Diego, we'd be talking

[Editor's Note: This column was written and published by 10News Consumer Reporter Jon Horn on Sept. 18, following the Los Angeles Chargers first home game at their temporary home in Carson, Calif. versus the Miami Dolphins.  The Chargers lost the game, 19-17.]

I went to the Charger game yesterday. Not as a reporter, but as a fan, a paying customer - as someone who grew up going to games starting when I was eight years old in the early 1990s. I'm in my early 30s now, and am trying to stay loyal to the team because I don't want to lose out something I looked forward to every year.

It's not easy.

I left the game feeling disappointed. Not because the Chargers lost in typical fashion (that disappointed me too), but because walking out it seemed that nobody really cared that much.

If this were in San Diego, we'd all be talking about how we need a new kicker, inundating our sports radio stations with calls, talking at the office. Now some people here are rooting for them to fail (and I don't blame them at all, trust me - in fact, them being in LA makes the losses easier to swallow - I laughed at the end of the game too). But I'll miss the passion that evaporated with the move - there's a reason the Miami fans were louder.

I will say that StubHub is a really great place to watch a game. The stadium has wide concourses, great sight lines, has good food options (and a lot more high priced luxury options). I gained a new perspective on why the Chargers wanted an upgrade from Qualcomm - that's leaving the politics of who pays for it aside. There's also no better way to alienate your fans than doubling the ticket prices once you move out of town.

The worst of it though, almost insulting to sports fans, is that - as far as I could tell - the Chargers barely showed any replays of the Dolphins making good plays. They showed everything at Qualcomm.

We're at the game because we like sports - so show us what we paid to see - good, bad, and ugly.

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