Dave Winfield to anthem protesters: 'Keep doing what you're doing'

(KGTV) - Following a weekend full of silent protests by athletes on the field and across social media, a sports legend is encouraging more demonstrations in Major League Baseball.

MLB Hall of Famer Dave Winfield told TMZ Sports while leaving Los Angeles International Airport that demonstrations in sports aren't new and that it's something to listen to.

"It's a new era, new causes, new objections to the way things are," the San Diego Padres legend said on camera. "Everybody does it different. It's a protest we should listen to.

"Nothing changes overnight. Keep doing what you're doing," Winfield added.

Over the weekend, Oakland Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB player to kneel during the national anthem, similar to other silent protests by athletes across sports - primarily the NFL.

The protests during the national anthem grew following a speech in Alabama and series of tweets by President Donald Trump calling for NFL owners to punish athletes who don't stand during the national anthem.

The president's comments, have been met both with support and criticism from athletes and sports executives.


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