COLUMN: LaVar Ball Goes Too Far

Father could impact son's NBA career

There's no perfect recipe for being a good parent.

Some kids need a lot of attention and guidance; others thrive when left to explore the world with only a touch of supervision.

What might be right for your kids may look strange or even unhealthy to another family.

That brings us to LaVar Ball. Up to this point, I've pretty much ignored his unrelenting hype show.

His kids appear to be excellent basketball players, whose biggest sins involve taking more than their fair share of shots on the court.

UCLA star Lonzo Ball will be selected in next month's NBA Draft, and has a chance to be an All-Star at the next level. 

Sports is a great place for colorful characters, and up until now, LaVar Ball has been just that. Why should I care if he wants to sell shoes for $495? I'm certainly not going to buy them, but I can't deny he's generated millions of dollars worth of free advertising over the past few months.

But what LaVar Ball did today with co-host Kristine Leahy on The Colin Cowherd Show crossed the line from zany sideshow to sexist bully. 

Telling Leahy to "stay in your lane" and belittling her sports opinions demonstrates the worst kind of chauvinism. 

Contrary to the old saying, not all publicity is good publicity. If LaVar Ball wants to ride his son's coattails to fame and fortune, it doesn't necessarily make him a bad father. Every family has its own dynamic. But a lot of women count themselves as NBA fans, and if he doesn't check his attitude, LaVar Ball will quickly find himself damaging his son's NBA career before it has even started. 

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