Police Say Chargers' Naanee Not Involved In PB Fight

Amir Khan Severely Injured In Incident At Bar West

San Diego police have determined Chargers wide receiver Legedu Naanee was not involved in a Pacific Beach fight that left one man severely injured.

Amir Khan, 21, was hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma with internal head injuries and a broken nose as a result of the incident early Monday morning. Police initially said a witness told them Naanee threw a punch that knocked Khan to the ground. However, police also said six witnesses all gave conflicting information about what happened.

Police said the brawl may have started after trash-talking between Charger fans and Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Khan came out of the coma on Tuesday, but is having problems remembering the details of the fight, according to police.

Several Chargers players were at Bar West celebrating their win over the Chiefs Sunday, police said.

According to TMZ, Naanee was at the bar with linebacker Shaun Phillips and rookie running back Ryan Mathews.

San Diego Police Department Capt. Chris Ball said, "We have no information that any of the Charger players were involved in this altercation."

Police said after interviewing several witnesses -- all with conflicting stories -- one very credible witness stepped forward.

"This individual had not been in the bar. He was not drinking. He witnessed the altercation and he said, categorically, that the Charger player that had been named was not involved in this altercation," said Ball.

Police said three people ran from the corner of Cass and Hornblend streets after the fight happened. When police arrived, the victim was unconscious on the ground.

Tim Newell, a relative of Khan's, told 10News, "He's the type of individual, doesn't look for trouble, he stays to himself, and yeah, he's just a good, good kid all around."

After practice Tuesday, Naanee, 27, was asked if it was a relief that police concluded he was not involved in the fight. Naanee said, "Not for me. I mean, I never really was a suspect in the first place, but I'm grateful that the police came out and said that."

When he was asked about the lessons learned from the incident, he said, "You've just got to remind yourself that you can go out as much as you want but you've got to remind yourself about the things that can happen, and that's really all I can say about it."

Chargers head coach Norv Turner said he spoke to Naanee about late-night partying, which he said isn't a good idea when there is an important practice the next day.




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