Ben Higgins: NFL could put Chargers back in San Diego if they wanted

But will they? Chances are slim to none.

(KGTV) - Some people (including a certain person with the initials D.S. who owns the Chargers) would say it's impossible for the Chargers to return to San Diego, especially so soon after their move to Los Angeles.

In reality, it wouldn't be very hard at all. It's just a matter of money, desire, and cooperation.

NFL officials are reportedly concerned the Chargers made a mistake in moving to L.A. -or at least think they should have tried for another stadium solution in San Diego before making the decision.

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How concerned are they? We don't really know. But if the NFL truly wanted to get the Chargers back to San Diego, they could make it happen. 

The league would likely need to pitch in a lot more money for a stadium solution in San Diego and be willing to have an open and honest collaboration with city leaders to make it happen.

This is where you lose most people. I'm as skeptical as anyone about true civic cooperation with the NFL after everything that's happened the last couple of years. But if enough powerful owners really want to make it happen for the good of the league, they have the bankroll to do it.

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Owners would also be giving up a $650 million relocation fee the Chargers are set to pay out. This comes to a question of the long-term health of the league versus a quick infusion of cash to a group of billionaires. Plus, they'd regain the leverage of a second spot in Los Angeles for future relocation or expansion.

On the other side, San Diego would need to be willing to take the Chargers back. Hostility to the aforementioned D.S. makes that a dicey proposition. Options would include selling the team to a new owner (the league could rescind the rules they put in place to prevent a flip sale as easily as they put them in), or a massive mea culpa. You'd be surprised what a sincere apology can do. 

Will all those factors come together and lead the Chargers back to America's Finest City? Almost certainly not. But don't let the NFL tell you it's impossible. They just don't have the courage and will to actually try and do the right thing.

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