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Sustainable Turf Solutions: What to do with an ugly yard?

Posted at 1:55 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-04 18:55:43-04


Homeowners are more and more frustrated that they cannot keep their grass looking green and healthy anymore. Some admit that their yards are just plain ugly. But they’re not alone.


Many homeowners blame their dead grass on the cost of southern California water. While in most cases that’s true, there’s more to the story. “We live in a coastal desert and grass just doesn’t grow here naturally” says Jamie Neagle, San Diego Regional President for Sustainable Turf Solutions.


Homeowners do their best to maintain their lawns, even fertilizing several times a year. But, that can be harmful for the environment.


Jamie, a leader with 8 ½ years of experience in the turf industry knows that no two yards are alike. Yet “every home can have a beautiful yard” she says. Most homeowners don’t know how well artificial grass has progressed. It’s more naturally looking than ever before and families love it for its beauty, functionality, and low-to-no cost of upkeep.


Artificial lawns stay gorgeous all year long, is pet friendly, and great for the environment. 


If you’d like to easily transform your yard from ugly to beautiful, call Sustainable Turf Solutions today at 866-569-3495 or go online at stsgrass.com. Information and a design consultation is always free to those that call. In addition, homeowners can save 20% of turf with installation until September 30, 2018. Call 866-569-3495 today.


Growing frustrations mount as homeowners try to keep their lawns looking healthy and green. In fact, some say it can be almost impossible to have a good looking natural lawn in Southern California. Between battling the rising cost of water, environment factors, and yellow spots caused by pets, alternative ground coverings such as synthetic lawns have become more and more popular.


While synthetic grass products have come a long way with performance and reaslim, they also offer a few other advantages  “that make it a no brainer” when looking at artificial turf as an alternative, according to Jamie Neagle, San Diego Regional President for Sustainable Turf Solutions.


"Most people don’t know this, but synthetic turf is actually much better for the environment than you’d think.” she says.


You don’t have to mow it, fertilize, or even water it. This eliminates air and ground polution caused by lawn mowers, protects our groundwater from harsh chemicals, and preserves outr most precious resourse: water.