The 3 Best Ph.D. Dissertation and Thesis Writing Services: Reviews of Popular Sites

11:28 AM, Jan 13, 2023
11:52 AM, Jan 13, 2023

The only thing harder than writing a dissertation is finding a trustworthy dissertation writing service to handle it for you. While there are many legitimate services, there are also plenty of pretenders that deliver low-quality or plagiarized papers that can — and will — cost you your degree.

We’ve put together a list of the three best dissertation writing services in the U.S. based on user reviews, feedback, and results. You can count on these services to deliver either a full dissertation, a certain section you’re struggling with, or dissertation editing and proofreading.

1. PaperHelp — The Absolute Best Dissertation Writing Service

PaperHelp is the all-round best dissertation writing service. This writing company hires nothing but the most professional dissertation writers to deliver a well-written and edited paper. PaperHelp delivers an excellent balance between price and quality to offer the best value for money.

Many students consider this dissertation writing company to be the best because it does so much right. If there was one small complaint to be made, it’s that the customer service department is lacking. It could be a while before you get a response to your query. That aside, the affordable prices and value for money make this a solid choice for anyone looking to hire a professional dissertation writer.

As you might have guessed from the name, this writing service offers help with papers on any topic. This is a custom dissertation writing service that delivers a dissertation based on your needs. The paper is written according to the standards and quality you expect.

The cost of the paper depends on the deadline and academic level. You might be able to find a cheap dissertation here, but those costs quickly climb if you need one in a hurry. It’s best to give yourself and your thesis writer as much time as possible.

2. BBQPapers — The Best Thesis Writing Service

BBQPapers is a close second. This service has some of the best dissertation writers around but falls a tiny bit short in other key areas, so it’s not quite the best of the best. The service maintains a huge team of professional writers specializing in different subjects and disciplines. BBQPapers is the best thesis writing service that guarantees you’ll find a qualified writer you can count on.

We’ve seen a lot of praise for BBQPapers, with many users saying that the company provides high-quality papers on short deadlines if needed. If you’re searching for places to “hire someone to write my dissertation,” it doesn’t get much better than this. Keep in mind that a short deadline means a short paper.

Give the essay writer plenty of time or request just a small amount of help, such as writing only one part of the dissertation, if your paper is due in the next few days — or hours.

As is true of all thesis writing services, ordering as early as possible is always best. Not only do you get a better-quality paper, but you also have more time to request edits and revisions if needed. No matter what, you can count on the expert writers at BBQPapers to, well, just do your paper.

3. SpeedyPaper — Affordable, Known for Quick Delivery

SpeedyPaper is one of the most efficient and cheap dissertation writing services. This company has the lowest prices for dissertation writing out of the three companies we’ve looked at. Please don’t think the cheap prices mean low quality, however, as you’ll still get the excellent quality essay writing service you want, expect, and deserve.

SpeedyPaper keeps things simple with a clean and efficient website. There are no unnecessary distractions that you’d get with another online dissertation writing service. You’ll have no problem finding the services you need without having to reach out to customer support. The website also has a simple price calculator where you can estimate how much your paper will cost.

Another great thing about SpeedyPaper is that the website has all the information you’ll need. You’ll find an outline of how the service works and see sample essays to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. It’s no wonder SpeedyPaper constantly appears in ratings and reviews. You’ll find nothing but great thesis services with this dissertation writing company.

FAQs About PhD Dissertation Writing Services

1. Is it safe to hire professional dissertation writers?

We understand you’re worried about using a dissertation writing service online. What if your professors find out? What if the paper is no good and you fail? Well, the good news is that it’s entirely safe to use a dissertation service — so long as you choose a reputable site.

Only you and the writing service will know you’ve had help. These services keep everything confidential to the client. A reputable company will also hire writers to create original pieces and then check them for plagiarism. You’re free to check the piece yourself and request an edit or revision. You’re also free to make small changes yourself so it looks and sounds more like something you wrote and is truly original.

Using a low-quality service might have a bad outcome, but you should be fine if you stick to the three services listed here or another high-quality service offering dissertation writing help. You get what you pay for, so if you pay for a reputable Master thesis writing service, that’s what you’ll get. Don’t settle for anything but the best, even if you are looking for a cheap dissertation.

2. Are dissertation services legal?

Rest assured that while using an essay writing service might be a little unethical, there’s nothing illegal about it. You’re not breaking any laws by having someone write your dissertation or paper for you.

Think of it this way: If using such a service was illegal, it wouldn’t be so easy to find people willing to write for you. No one would be advertising their services so openly like they are. There’s a small moral quandary over whether you feel comfortable hiring these services or not, but there’s no legal barrier.

You aren’t dealing with someone in a shady back alley. You’re dealing with a legitimate service provider, so there’s no need to worry about breaking the law.

3. Who will be writing my dissertation?

Who writes your dissertation or thesis depends on the service you choose. A reliable company hires professional thesis writers who all have degrees themselves in their chosen subjects. They use their academic knowledge and writing ability to create a unique and original dissertation according to your specifications.

These are people who have the knowledge and experience needed to write an effective dissertation. They’ve written several in the past, including their own, so they are dependable and reliable.

Some sites that offer online dissertation writing services list all the writers they have available so you can choose one or verify their qualifications. Some services also put you in touch with the writer so you can talk to them and make specific requests. This helps you trust the writer more because you’ve gotten to know them and know you are dealing with a professional.

You can also contribute to the writing process directly if you want to. A reliable service puts you in control so you can see how the dissertation is going and add bits of it yourself. Writing even a little bit of the dissertation yourself makes it more genuine and gives the writer an idea of your writing style so they can mimic your voice for a more effective dissertation.

4. How much does it cost to have someone write your dissertation?

It’s difficult to say how much a dissertation or a thesis paper writing service costs. There are several factors at play. The most important factor is how many words and pages you need. The more a writer must write, the more they charge. If you only need help with one chapter, it’ll be much cheaper than having an entire paper written for you.

Websites that provide professional dissertation help charge an average of around $20 per page on the lower end. This is a standard price for when the deadline is 20 days away or longer. In general, the shorter the deadline, the higher the price for your paper. Therefore, it’s best to order as soon as possible to give yourself the best deal.

The cost might also vary based on the writer. Not all writers are created equal. Some dissertation writing services online might charge less for some writers with an increased risk of mistakes. If you pay less for the paper, count on spending more time editing it yourself and making it look good.

In short, how much these services cost depends on how much work you’re willing to do yourself and how long you give the writer to get the job done.

5. What if I’m not satisfied with my dissertation?

Don’t worry too much if you aren’t happy with the dissertation proposal writing service you get. All three companies we looked at in this article offer free revisions and a money-back guarantee on all papers. Every reputable company offers a money-back guarantee at the very least.

If you aren’t happy with the editing service, you can use your free revisions to ask the writer to change something. If you still aren’t happy, request your money back and try again with a different service. Potentially having to request edits and rewrites is another reason to hire a writing service as early as possible. You want to give yourself enough time to create the perfect paper.

It’s worth checking the best dissertation writing services reviews when looking for dissertation writing help. If a service has lots of bad reviews from unhappy customers, it’s not worth wasting your time and money becoming one of them. Look for a writing and editing service with educated and trained writers who get the job done the first time.

Benefits vs. Dangers of Using a Dissertation Writing Service

There are plenty of benefits to buying a dissertation online, including:

1. Better Time Management

By providing thesis writing help, these services help with time management because they give you more time to take care of everything else you need to get done. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your workload, don’t hesitate to have someone take care of some of it for you.

2. Well-Researched, High-Quality Papers

One of the most obvious benefits of buying a dissertation online is that you get a well-researched, well-written paper. It takes time and effort to effectively research and write a paper. Not everyone has the time and research ability to do that. The writers at these services do.

3. Expert Advice

Many websites that provide PhD writing services let you talk to the writer. You can ask them for expert advice about the subject so you can write a high-quality paper by yourself. Even if someone else is writing your paper, that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn a thing or two.

For all the benefits that custom dissertation writing services offer, there are also some potential drawbacks:

1. Plagiarism Potential

This is by far the biggest drawback of hiring someone else to write your paper. You aren’t in control, so there’s always the risk of plagiarism. Work with a company that offers rewrites and guaranteed plagiarism-free papers to combat this.

2. Unresponsive Customer Support

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with an unresponsive service when deadlines are approaching. If you need revisions or want to discuss something about the paper, you don’t want to be left waiting for answers. Find a service that offers timely responses and is there when you need it.


Most students who choose to buy dissertations online are simply overloaded and experience academic stress.

There are plenty of great dissertation writing companies out there. There are also some bad ones that ruin it for everyone else. Be sure to look through reviews and get recommendations to find the right service for you.

While we think that PaperHelp is the best dissertation service in the U.S., any of the three in our list are sure to be a good fit.

Whether you need help writing an entire dissertation or hope to hire editing services to make your paper look its best, you can find what you’re looking for with these three companies that offer professional dissertation writing assistance.

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