Psychic Reading Online - Best Psychics Websites of 2022

6:30 AM, Jun 27, 2022

It's no secret that many people believe in the power of psychic readings. This type of reading has been around for centuries and is thought to help connect people with the spiritual realm.

However, if you are like most people, you probably don't believe in these readings. You may think it is all a scam and the psychic readers just take advantage of vulnerable people. They remain skeptical about the power of psychic predictions.

But what if we told you that a psychic reading online could change your life for the better? What if we told you there was more to life than what we can see and touch?

Believe it or not, mystic energies exist, and they can help you achieve your goals in life.

If you genuinely believe in the divination that exists all around us, a psychic reading can definitely change your life for the better!

The only catch is that you must find the right expert to consult with. Unfortunately, some scammers and ill-trained psychic readers have entered the internet to loot people seeking online psychic readings.

With nowhere to go for an in-person reading because of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, many people have become victims of fraud. But this doesn't mean you're bound to have a negative experience with a psychic reading online.

All the best psychics worldwide are available online for more convenient, affordable, and flexible psychic readings. If you take out some time to do your research and read user reviews before booking a session with a psychic online, nothing can stop you from getting life-changing psychic predictions.

Discover the best psychics sites for accurate mystic advice and predictions.

Top 3 Sites for the Best Psychic Readings Online

1. Kasamba – 100% trustworthy website with the best psychics for life guidance, dream analysis, spiritual readings, and oracle card readings

2. Psychic Source – Top-rated platform with cheap psychics for tarot readings, love readings, and numerology readings

3. Purple Garden – An advanced site with unique fortune-telling services and astrological readings

What Makes These Sites Stand Out from Others in the World of Online Psychic Readings?

Since you can find a list of psychic reading sites on the internet, it is only fair to wonder why we have chosen the three platforms mentioned above.

Well, for starters, they have been in the business for decades. Their live psychics possess exceptional mystic powers and intuitive talents to help you make sense of even the most complicated situations. No matter which problem you can't seem to solve, these readers can use different psychic mediums to do it.

With privacy, trust, and accuracy issues out of the way, you can solely focus on finding the ideal psychic reader for your situation and being confident about obtaining a psychic reading. Because, let's be honest, psychic readings only work if you approach them with an open and optimistic mind.

These sites are packed with the best psychics online – you can explore all you want until you find "the one."

Below, you'll find a detailed review of each site. Take notes of the unique features and offers they have to offer to make the decision-making process easier.

#1. Kasamba — Prepare for Free and Interactive Psychic Readings to Improve Your Aura

This website has served as a bridge between the best online psychics and users worldwide looking for a reliable psychic reading online for 20+ years.

If you're struggling with your emotions, thoughts, spiritual awareness, or overall well-being, trust Kasamba to turn things around for you. The online psychics on this platform have helped millions of people like you who were on the verge of losing hope.

Trust us when we say that you have nothing to lose if you decide to get a psychic reading on this platform.

Let's explore what's in store at Kasamba.

A One-Stop Marketplace for Online Psychic Readings

Considering the various types of psychic readings available on the site, it is no surprise that Kasamba has become the go-to online platform for people worldwide. It puts psychic readers specialized in different areas on the map for users to get to know and receive clairvoyant advice.

Below are the reading categories and sub-categories you can explore on the site:

Psychic Readings

  • Crystal readings
  • Rune readings
  • Aura healing
  • Pet readings
  • Psychic mediums

Love Readings

  • Soulmate connections
  • Marriage matters
  • Divorce and breakup
  • Cheating and extramarital affairs
  • Children and parent connections
  • Single life

Dream Analysis

  • Symbolism
  • Insight into the subconscious
  • Dream themes interpretation

Card Readings

  • Cartomancy
  • Oracle card readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Angel card readings


  • Life directions

Career Forecasts

  • Career choice
  • Professional growth
  • Financial predictions

Astrology Readings

  • Vedic astrology
  • Chinese astrology

Other Readings

  • Palm readings
  • Past life readings
  • Numerology readings
  • Intimacy readings
  • Horoscopes

Expert Psychic Readers with Unmatched Credentials

Kasamba has established a massive reader base of online psychics to accommodate people looking for advice and guidance in different areas of life.

These clairvoyant specialists boast unique mystic powers, skills, and experience to ensure a pleasant and, most importantly, personalized experience for everyone.

Kasamba screens each reader by going through their resume and assessing their track record to ensure they are capable of delivering accurate psychic readings. You can trust its vetting procedure to connect you with 100% real psychics on the platform.

Round-the-Clock Availability

One of the best things about this platform is that you can find a psychic reader any time of the day or night, all week. The main page highlights the available experts, so you don't have to wait for your psychic reading.

However, if you like a psychic already in a session or offline, you can request to be notified of their availability. This way, you can ensure you're getting a reading from a reader who truly aligns with your requirements.

Connect With Your Psychic Online

Virtual psychic readings are the way to go in the modern digital world. Kasamba made it possible for users to book psychic readings online even before the pandemic.

Once you've decided on a psychic reader, you can choose to call or chat with them. Just click the desired button on their profile to get started. Please note that only audio calls are accommodated on the platform.

Message a Psychic Reader for Customized Services

This feature sets Kasamba apart from other psychic reading online platforms. If you like a psychic reader from their profile but are not quite sure if booking a session with them is the right choice, you can send them a message.

You can explain which area you want insights into and your expectations from the session. Moreover, you can set a per-minute rate according to your budget and a reading deadline.

The reader will go through your request and accept or reject your offer. You'll be notified of their decision ASAP.

Accurate Psychic Predictions at No Cost

The introductory package for newbies comprises three-minute free psychic readings with each new user they try before signing up for a paid session. In other words, Kasamba doesn't charge you for trying out different experts.

This is great news for every budget-conscious user who doesn't want to pay for unsatisfactory psychic predictions. You can look around until you find the perfect psychic reader to enjoy paid sessions with.

As a standard policy, the site would require you to enter your credit card details before starting the trial run. Rest assured that you won't be charged a penny unless you schedule a paid meeting with a psychic you like.

Additionally, your first paid reading will come with a 70% discount.

Isn't that fantastic?

Find Cheap Psychics With Just a Click

At Kasamba, psychic readings start as low as $1.99. However, some readers charge up to $30 per minute.

You can manually check the rates of different readers on their profiles or use the price filter when searching for one. Thanks to the diverse price range, you can easily find someone delivering sessions in your desired category within your budget.

Phone App for Quick Readings

Kasamba has introduced a mobile application to make it easier for smartphone users to get psychic readings anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is download it free of cost on your phone and log into your account.

The app is easy to navigate, and you can connect with your psychic reader in a snap by sending them a message or calling them.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Kasamba app is that it shows additional user testimonials to help you pick the perfect reader. Besides, the convenience of a phone app doesn't compare to what a desktop site offers.

Refunds Up to 50%

Kasamba is willing to reimburse up to 50% of your payment if you don't like the outcomes of your psychic reading. You must reach out to the customer service team within 24 hours of the session.

The point is that this platform doesn't let a user go away unsatisfied. If you make a wrong decision even after spending free minutes with a psychic reader, you won't have to face the consequences.

Positive Testimonials FTW

User reviews on the website are mainly positive. People usually appreciate psychics for understanding their situation and giving them faithful and considerate advice.

Additional Features

  • Multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards and PayPal
  • Daily horoscopes for free for all users
  • Informative articles in the blog section to help newbies make sense of the psychic reading world
  • 24/7 customer service

>> Connect with a gifted psychic at Kasamba for FREE

#2. Psychic Source — Reignite Your Love and Passion with Phone and Chat Psychic Readings

Psychic Source is a winner in the psychic reading industry when it comes to relationship problems and soulmate connections.

This site is home to the best psychics online, offering love advice and relationship guidance using tarot cards, numerology insights, and other psychic tools.

Psychic Source has catered to people's needs for three decades. This is why millions of users trust it for accurate psychic readings at reasonable costs.

Let's explore what's in store on this platform.

Easy Registration

Making an account on is super easy. After providing your full name and email address and entering a password, you'll be asked to share your billing details and choose one of the following packages:

  • $10 for up to 10 minutes
  • $20 for up to 20 minutes
  • $30 for up to 30 minutes

Also, if you enroll for Membership Rewards, your account will be credited $5.

The Next Step: Find Your Psychic Reader

As soon as your profile is set up, Psychic Source will reveal the list of online psychics whose profiles you can check out for your first session.

It allows you to search by the reader or psychic reading type to make things easier.

If you go with the former option, you'll be prompted to use search filters to find psychics with your desired reading style, psychic medium, rate, and specialty. You can check each profile to see the expert's photos, star ratings, and reviews. Moreover, the "Listen to Message" button allows you to hear the psychic's story in their voice.

On the contrary, the second option will give you access to the explanations of different psychic reading types and the top experts in those niches.

Use the Online Matching Tool

For greater convenience, you can rely on Psychic Source's psychic finding tool to connect with the perfect reader. You'll be asked to answer a small list of questions so that the algorithm can gauge your requirements and expectations. After that, it'll reveal the names of psychic readers it deems best for your situation.

Conversation Medium Options

Psychic Source doesn't only have audio and chat psychics but also video call experts. The added option gives you the opportunity to connect deeply with your reader and receive more accurate and insightful predictions.

Any information you share about your personal life with the chat or phone psychics will remain confidential.

You can check the profile of your chosen reader to confirm if they're available via your preferred communication medium before booking a session. Hit the "Chat" button or schedule a call with them for whatever time suits you best.

Free Psychics for All Newcomers

As a new member, you are entitled to three free minutes with any psychic reader you like. However, keep in mind that this is a one-time offer; it doesn't apply to every new reader you try.

So, go through a reader's profile and read user reviews thoroughly before using your free trial with them.

Session Countdown

As soon as the three minutes in your trial run are up, the platform will start charging you for the psychic reading per minute. So, if you don't want to continue with a paid session with the same reader, you must end it immediately.

Thankfully, Psychic Source shows a countdown clock at the top of the screen to remind you how many minutes have passed in a session. This is helpful, as it allows you to spend no more than you'd like at once.

Payment Channels

Psychic Source accepts payments via PayPal and debit and credit cards. These include Mastercard, VISA, Discover, and AMEX.

These are all secure transaction channels that ensure your sensitive information remains private and confidential at all costs.

Remember that you'll have to provide payment details before booking a session. But don't worry, as you won't be charged until the psychic reader joins the chat room or picks up the call.

Newbie Rewards

Apart from the free psychic reading, newcomers get 75% off on their first session once the trial is over.

Cheap Sessions for Everyone

This platform has some of the most affordable online psychics in business. The starting rate for a session is below $1. It may vary, though, depending on the psychic reader you pick.

Some experts charge higher because of their superior qualifications, specializations, talents, mystic gifts, and experience. Whatever cheap means for you, you can find a reader within that range.

Money-Back Guarantee

Like all reliable psychic reading sites, Psychic Source promises to refund your money if you have any complaints about a session.

Once you've shared your concern with the user support representatives and submitted a refund request, you'll receive credits you can use for future readings.

Rest assured that this isn't a marketing gimmick; refunds are real at Psychic Source. This means you have nothing to lose when signing up for a psychic reading on the platform.

Positive Feedback

Since its inception, this platform has received countless positive reviews worldwide. The best thing is that it features all testimonials (including any negative ones) on the site so that you can get a realistic idea of what to expect from each psychic reader.

Additional Features

  • Rigorous psychic screening
  • Daily discounts for different psychics
  • $1 rate on the first call
  • Active customer support staff

>> Try out one of the best psychics online at Psychic Source!

#3. Purple Garden — Connect With Your Higher Self With the Best Psychics

Although this site was launched much later than Psychic Source and Kasamba (in 2006), it quickly made a name for itself in the psychic reading world. It is now one of the favorite psychic sites for modern users looking for advanced functions and app convenience.

Let's explore what's in store at Purple Garden.

Plenty of Well-Screened Psychics Online

Purple Garden takes psychic screening to the next level with video assessments. It requires all readers to submit a video reading for the examination. This gives a clear insight into their reading style and mystic talents.

Various Psychic Reading Categories

This platform has experts for the following types of psychic readings:

  • Tarot readings
  • Palm readings
  • Oracle guidance
  • Dream analysis
  • Relationship coaching
  • Astrology and horoscopes
  • Angel insights

You'll also find plenty of sub-categories to match your unique situations. Reader profiles highlight the type of reading a psychic specializes in, so you make a well-informed decision when picking the right expert.

Quick Signup

You can register on Purple Garden on the website or the mobile app.

Once you land on the website, you'll find a "Sign In" button in the top right corner of the screen. Click "Don't have an account?" and enter your email address and a password to create your profile.

With the app, you'll have to sign up before you can start looking at psychic profiles. You can use your Google, Facebook, or Apple account or enter your email address to create an account. Keep in mind that you must accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

That's it. No other personal info is needed to become a member of Purple Garden. However, when you want to purchase credits to schedule a psychic reading, you'll have to provide your full name, address, contact number, and card details.

Payment Methods

This site accepts payments via PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards (Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).

Purple Garden takes pride in delivering psychic readings in multiple languages. While English is the main language and one of choice for most users, people can talk to psychics in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian.

This is great news for users tired of looking for a competent online psychic. With Purple Garden, they get a one-stop platform to converse with experts from all over the world in their native languages.

Accurate Pairing With Readers

This platform features advanced search filters to ensure each user is matched with the most compatible psychic reader. No matter how complicated your requirements are, you can expect to get accurate profile results by filtering readers based on their credentials, languages, ratings, specialties, psychic mediums, communication methods, and rates.

No Compromises on Affordability

The prices for psychic readings on this platform vary greatly, depending on the capabilities and track records of the readers. No matter how limited or big your budget is, you can easily find the perfect expert to meet your needs.

Typically, sessions start as low as $0.99 a minute and can go up to $14.99.

Please note that this site doesn't offer free psychic readings to anyone. Hence, you must research before purchasing a reading from any expert. Don't forget to double-check their rates because your complaint won't be valid once you've availed yourself of a session.

Fantastic Offers for All Users

As a new registrant, you'll get $10 worth of credit that you can use for a psychic reading anytime you like.

Additionally, you'll get cash back on every session you book on the platform. You'll also get a referral bonus if you know someone who'd benefit from psychic readings and can get them to sign up on the site or the app.

Refund Scene

Purple Garden doesn't guarantee satisfaction for all users and encourages you to do your research before booking a psychic reading. However, it listens to the concerns of users who face technical issues during a session and are not fully satisfied.

If this is the case, the customer service members will go through your request and may offer a partial or full refund to compensate for the inconvenience. The reimbursement will be in cash or credits for future readings.

User Responses for Each Psychic Reader

All online psychics at Purple Garden receive reviews from users, which are displayed on their profiles for you to check out. The good thing about this platform is that it doesn't remove negative reviews. It does, however, give respective readers a couple of weeks to convince the reviewer to delete or change their comments.

Additional Features

  • Phone psychic readings via video
  • Video messages from psychics on their profiles
  • Favorite reader list
  • Informative FAQs
  • 5-star rating system for psychic readers

>> Find true inner bliss and get honest answers to life questions at Purple Garden!

Online Psychic Readings - Your Questions Answered

What's the Difference between Tarot Readings and Oracle Card Readings?

There are several differences between the two.

For starters, tarot readings use a deck of 78 cards that have specific meanings associated with each card. On the other hand, oracle readings use a smaller deck of typically fewer than 30 cards, and the cards' meanings are more open to interpretation.

Furthermore, tarot readings are more structured than oracle readings. The tarot has a specific layout that the reader will follow, and each position in the layout corresponds to a different question or topic. For example, one position might represent your past, while another represents your present situation. Tarot readings can be very detailed, giving you specific information about your past, present, and future.

On the contrary, oracle readings are more flexible. The reader will often shuffle the cards and then lay them out in a spread, but there is no set layout that must be followed. This means that the reader can interpret the cards however they see fit. Oracle readings tend to be more general than tarot readings, providing guidance and advice rather than specific information.

Both tarot card reading and oracle card reading can be helpful tools for self-discovery and growth. If you're unsure which type of reading is right for you, consider trying both to see what resonates with you most. Whichever type of reading you choose, go with a reader you trust who has experience interpreting the cards.

Is it Easy to Find a Local Psychic or Online Psychic Reader?

Yes. Absolutely.

You can use the location filter when searching for a local psychic shop. Given that you choose a reliable platform with years of experience and tons of psychics, you can get a psychic reading from an expert in your city or country.

However, the whole point of online psychic readings is to give you access to the best psychics worldwide. Geographical location doesn't matter when you can connect with a psychic using phone or live chat rooms.

How Can Psychics Help Heal Your Aura through Spiritual Readings?

If you often feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and struggling to find balance in your life, it might be time to improve your aura. Getting a spiritual reading from the best psychics is the best way to do this.

Here are a few ways your psychic reader may help heal your aura and promote spiritual awareness:

  • Psychics can help you identify and release negative energy, patterns, and behaviors that weigh you down.
  • They can help clear away energetic blockages preventing you from moving forward in your life.
  • Psychics can help you connect with your higher self, leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.
  • They can help you understand your past lives and how they affect your current circumstances.
  • Psychics can help you tap into your intuition, which can guide you to make better decisions in your life.
  • They can help you communicate with your guides and angels, providing you the support you need to power through obstacles and overcome challenges to achieve your goals.
  • They can help you heal old wounds and traumas that may still be affecting you.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting Phone Psychic Readings via Video?

There are many reasons why a psychic reading via video call is better than live chat or an audio call.

1. You can see the reader's facial expressions and body language, which can give you a better understanding of what they are saying. It can give you valuable clues as to whether or not they are being truthful. In addition, you will be able to pick up on any subtle cues they might be giving off. For example, if the psychic seems tense or uncomfortable, it might signify that they are picking up negative energy from you.

2. You can ask questions and get clarification on things said during the reading.

3. It is easier to connect with someone via video than audio - you can see their energy and aura, making it easier to build a rapport with them.

4. It is more personal than an audio call- you can see the reader's face, and they can see yours, which creates a more intimate connection.

One of the downsides of video psychic readings is that you must reveal your face to the reader. Although reliable psychic sites promise to keep your info confidential and maintain anonymity, being face-to-face with the psychic on a video call may bother some users. Besides, some people get nervous talking to strangers on a video call. This may compromise their ability to share their concerns with the reader and distract them.

Additionally, you must find a secluded spot at your home for a video session with your psychic. You wouldn't want anyone to interrupt you or eavesdrop on your conversation. Needless to say, video readings can't be done when you're on the go.

If you're comfortable talking on a video call and trust the platform's privacy policy, you're always better off getting a video reading instead of audio or chat psychic readings.

Concluding Thoughts

There is no doubt that the world of psychic readings has changed in recent years. With the advent of modern communication technology, it is now possible to get a reading from a psychic reader without having to leave your home. This can be a great convenience for people who live busy lives or don't have access to an in person psychic readings session.

You can opt for a chat, audio, or video session and obtain powerful psychic predictions from wherever you want.

Make sure you choose the psychic reading platform carefully to avoid falling into the trap of scammers. Our reviews will serve as a helpful guide to making a well-informed decision in this regard.

Best of luck!

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