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Find out how this background check service can assist you in learning the untold truths about people by reading an unbiased Intelius review.
12:18 PM, Feb 28, 2023
12:18 PM, Feb 28, 2023

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It's easier than ever to find new people to hang out with, date, or even live with thanks to the internet. It's risky to put all your confidence in someone you've never met. You should be very careful. 

Doing a quick online background check with Intelius on anybody you meet on the internet is a simple way to be sure they're someone you can feel comfortable spending time with.

However, many individuals are skeptical about Intelius' authenticity. We put Intelius to the test by reading through hundreds of client reviews on the web to learn more about the company and its services. Our research led us to the conclusion that Intelius is a reliable source for background checks.

If you want to learn more about Intelius, read on.



Intelius Review – Company Overview

The Seattle, Washington-based Intelius private search engine was founded in 2003 from the remnants of the defunct Infospace private search engine. The business eventually bought up many other companies that did background checks, including Family Builder,, and Bothell. Many people think it's the best service of its kind, offering comprehensive background checks online.

Is Intelius Legit?

The Intelius app has had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since 2021. Hopefully, this evaluation of Intelius background checks will help you decide whether or not to use this service. Okay, so let's start with the pros and cons.

Intelius Pros

  • Large public records database
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Excellent Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Many price choices and subscription packages
  • Straightforward

Intelius Cons

  • The cost is not disclosed
  • Customer assistance is scarce
  • Sometimes, report information is lacking



Things To Consider Before Buying an Intelius Background Check Report

Whether you're considering a monthly subscription or a one-time fee, you should make sure the background check service you choose provides reliable and relevant results. It needs to do more than just a Google search.

It's also essential to have an unlimited number of searches available to you as part of you rmembership to the Intelius background check. A trustworthy background check firm should also provide swift results delivery. Background checks must be trustworthy and insightful enough to help in the search for a long-lost family, friend, or love interest.

Users often anticipate receiving information about their present and prior residences, places of work and education, phone numbers, and email addresses while using this service. Here’s an example of a background check report generated by Intelius.



Intelius Review: What Features & Benefits Does it Offer?

The service's features and benefits were analyzed in detail to see how they stack up against those of competing background check services. With either a subscription to Intelius people search or a single purchase of a background check report, you may benefit from a number of benefits.

If you've never used a service like this before, it might be difficult to know which ones to trust. So that you can make an informed purchase, we have compiled this evaluation.

Is Intelius Legit? What is its History?

Intelius background check has been around for more than 15 years, and in that time it has grown from a startup to a legitimate information provider. It’s widely regarded as one of the most efficient methods for conducting background checks.

Customers may also ask whether utilizing Google in any of its numerous forms would provide them with the information they want without cost. But Intelius background check never behaves in this manner. It offers a wealth of helpful data that’s either impossible to get on Google or extremely difficult to find elsewhere.

The Intelius people search simplifies the procedure by gathering all the necessary information in one place if you can find the data you want in public records.

Remember that you can't utilize Intelius to vet potential workers or renters. This is something you should remember. One must contact a consumer reporting organization for inquiries of this kind.



Intelius Cost and Pricing

Intelius has many subscription plans and price points to choose from. Background checks and individual tracking may be expensive, so you may want to consider charging for each inquiry. Intelius a la carte search features include the following:

  • Intelius' People Search is $0.95
  • Reverse phone lookup using Intelius is $0.95
  • Intelius Reverse Address Lookup is $4.95-$14.95
  • The statewide fee for Intelius Criminal Record is $14.95, while the worldwide fee is $29.95
  • The price of an Intelius Background Check is: $39.95
  • Unlimited searches are included with a $19.95 monthly premier membership
  • $29.95 a month  Premier Plus membership - get unlimited searches and one background check

The first time a user accesses Intelius, they’re enrolled in a subscription, regardless of whether or not they plan to use the service on a recurring basis. Before providing any financial information (such as a credit card number or bank account number), make sure you have thoroughly read the conditions of the sales contract.

If you think you'll be doing a lot of searches over time, you may want to think about signing up for an Intelius subscription.

Consider signing up for a longer membership time with Intelius to save money on your background check before placing your purchase. Furthermore, if you wish to terminate your subscription, the firm will charge you $7.95. As a result, before committing to the subscription service, we advise trying it out with a single check.



Intelius Customer Support

Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5 pm PST, Intelius people search is available to answer customer care calls and respond to emails (PST).

Intelius offers a selection of tools designed to simplify the site's intricate subscription policies for visitors. As an added service, they could provide help with using their website or app.

Intelius People Search 

Intelius's starting point for its search services is the Intelius People Search. The quoted price for this search service is slightly over $1 for a single search, but unless users cancel their membership within seven days, they’re automatically entered into a Premier Plus subscription.

I was able to get a background overview of the person using Intelius People Search. Information such as the subject's birthday, age, current and past addresses, email addresses, family details, social media profiles, place of employment, and level of education were all included in the report.

To get information on a specific individual using Intelius, you need just input their name, mobile number, current address, or location information in the search field. This is a great choice for Tinder users and grown-ups who have lost touch with their childhood friends. It's also worth noting that nobody will be able to see that you've been searching.



Reverse Phone Lookup – Intelius Review

Intelius' Reverse Phone Lookup is a rudimentary reverse lookup service. Though it may only cost you $1 initially, there may be recurring costs. To get started with a Reverse Phone Lookup search, you will need to input a 10-digit contact number into the provided search box

You might potentially learn the identity of an anonymous caller by using a service called "Reverse Phone Lookup." You could learn things like where the person lives, how old they’re, who they’re related to, and where they have worked in the past.

Given the frequency with which I am contacted by people whose numbers I do not recognize, information of this kind is quite helpful to me. I was able to track down the caller or callers. If you have a private phone number, whether it's a mobile phone or a landline, you may use Reverse Phone Lookup to find out who owns the number and what service they use.



Reverse Address Lookup – Intelius Review

Intelius also provides a reverse lookup service for addresses. Potential purchasers may use this report to research the home's history and determine whether it's a good investment. It's also a great way to learn interesting facts about your area.

An extensive amount of information may be gained from a Reverse Address Lookup, including the property's location, history of owners and residents, neighbors, market value, tax status, and even a built-out floor plan. I used this report to find out what other purchasers had paid for a home like mine.



Criminal Record Searches – Intelius Review

Intelius reviews now offer the option to request a background check. Checking a single state's felony records costs $14.95 while doing a national check costs $29.95. I've never trusted a babysitter without first doing a thorough background check.

Information on a person's criminal history, including convictions, arrests, and current charges, may be obtained via a countrywide Criminal Record Search. Customers may acquire information from several states by executing a national search.

Intelius Background Check Review

If you want Intelius's most in-depth report, a Background Check will set you back $39.95. If you're in the market for a new roommate, online dating, or trying to track down long-lost relatives, this service is superior to Intelius people search and Criminal Record Search.

Using the details provided in the Tinder Background Check report, I was able to learn about people's whereabouts, ages, bankruptcies, criminal backgrounds, marital statuses, and court records. This allowed me to steer clear of those who were married but looking for an affair.



Identity Check Services

The Intelius background check offers a way to verify someone's identity. This is not a novel service or product, but rather an advanced method to access already existing ones by site users and subscribers.

It’s important to note that Intelius people search is not compliant with FCRA regulations. Therefore employers and landlords are not allowed to conduct background checks on potential employees and tenants.

Reputation and Accuracy

Although Intelius review claims that its search results are reliable, several users have reported problems. In addition, some of the reports are missing key information like a current address, a social media presence, or a phone number. It's probably safe to assume that the vast majority of Google's results are accurate.

The ways in which the general public views them are equally nuanced. In the past, the company's price and ongoing memberships have been noted as complaints by customers. Customers should carefully read Intelius reviews before making a purchase from Intelius people since receiving a refund for a product of this kind may be difficult or practically impossible.

Intelius Reviews From Around the Web

After reading several Intelius reviews on different online discussion boards, I was able to get a sense of what the general consensus is like about this software. If you trust Reddit user Nodevice 150, the accuracy drops to 60%.

One more Reddit user has proclaimed the Intelius background search to be the finest countrywide check tool. "Unfortunately, my efforts to reconnect with a long-lost friend over the internet were fruitless. Someone suggested I utilize Intelius people search to track down a certain person, and I discovered that it was quite helpful. We really thank you for your thoughtfulness." According to Rose M. on Sitejabber,

Message from Suzanne V. on Trustpilot "After years of looking, I was able to track down the guy who is the biological father to my husband. I value it very much." Gsup7s, another Trustpilot reviewer, says "The service, in a word, was excellent. Excellent client service was provided. The information provided was both current and comprehensive."



Alternatives to Intelius People Search

Background research is a breeze with Intelius, but you could find a better fit with another provider. If the Intelius background check isn't a suitable match for you, we've included some options below.

1. TruthFinder

Among the three options for doing a background check, TruthFinder is one to consider. TruthFinder has been in business since 2015, and it boasts the ability to do more comprehensive searches than its rivals.

By browsing the TruthFinder website, you will be able to determine whether or not this service for doing background checks is suitable for your requirements.

  • You may choose between a monthly $28.05 plan or a bi-monthly $46.56 plan for your membership.
  • All users have access to self-monitoring tools to keep track of their background checks.
  • Similar services are provided by Intelius background check and other search engines, such as People Finder and Background Check.



2. PeopleFinders

You may also use a PeopleFinder if you like. This website compiles information from several public records sources, including arrest records and recent court filings, to assist users in learning more about the histories of people they have met or lost touch with. 

Its ability to accurately and comprehensively search public data is typically mentioned as PeopleFinders' primary benefit.

The following are a few of the program's most appealing qualities:

  • If you get an email from an unknown sender and want to be sure it's real, you may use PeopleFinders' reverse email search.
  • Additionally, you may search using a mobile application.
  • Detailed examination of public records.
  • An online person's search may provide consumers access to the information they need about a certain individual.



3. Instant Checkmate

Background check Service Instant Checkmate is quite similar to Intelius. To put it simply, it's a source of data on individuals. However, there are certain distinctions to be made between the two services, including the following:

  • Features: Compared to Instant Checkmate, Intelius background check offers a greater variety of services, such as background checks, person searches, and reverse phone lookups. 
  • Price: Compared to Intelius, Instant Checkmate is more affordable.
  • Accuracy: Intelius has a reputation for providing thorough and reliable statistics, but Instant Checkmate's accuracy might fluctuate.
  • Data sources: Intelius gathers data from a variety of open-and-closed sources, whereas Instant Checkmate gathers data from social media and public records.



Intelius Review: Final Verdict

When you need quick access to reliable data on someone you encounter often, like a date or roommate prospect, the Intelius app comes in handy. In addition to their usual subscription options, they now provide one-time access subscriptions for those that require the database just once.

With Intelius background check, you can locate what you need quickly, affordably, and with peace of mind.



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