Free Psychic Reading Online Top 4 Free Psychic Readings Services of 2022

Looking for free psychic reading online? We review the best free psychics portals in 2022 that rank high on credibility and customer satisfaction
5:02 PM, Aug 30, 2022
5:02 PM, Aug 30, 2022

Has your life taken an unexpected turn? A free psychic reading online can transform your life.

Mystic advisors can comfort you if you’re feeling overwhelmed after a tragic incident, bitter breakup, or misfortune.

These mystic meetings are the perfect source to receive clarity from enlightening answers shared through oracle wisdom. When you’re standing at the crossroad of life, you’ll want the best psychics by your side. That’s why we scoured the interwebs to find the right fortune telling service providers for you.

These platforms provide seamless virtual experiences that can transform life as you know it. Our detailed reviews will help you find a compatible advisor for this insightful journey.

Top Free Psychic Reading Services of 2022

  • KasambaEditor's Choice for Spiritual Guidance, Love Readings and Career Forecasts (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off for New Users)
  • Psychic Source - Trusted Experts in Resolving Pressing Life Issues (Free Psychic Readings for 3 Minutes + 75% Discount for Newcomers )
  • California Psychics - Secure Space to Consult with Reliable Psychics on All Life Question's (Free Psychic Reading Online for 5 Mins with Promo Code ADD5)
  • Mystic Sense - Most Interactive Psychic Reading Site (5 Trial Minutes for New Members)

Where to Find the Best Free Psychics Online?

Modern mystic advocates are swapping their web search to finding a psychic reading online. The accessibility and affordability of digital platforms compared to in-person service providers compel interested individuals to make the switch. Having the opportunity to use these through free psychics adds to the charm.

Streamline your quest for the best by scrolling through our comprehensive reviews. We hand-picked the best sites in the divination market for you. These platforms deliver precise prophecies and accurate predictions with the aid of their experienced advisors. They also feature user-friendly web designs to ensure your virtual journey starts without a hitch.

Without further ado, meet the mystic mavericks.

1. Kasamba - Best for Spiritually Enlightening Psychic Readings for the Soul

Kasamba wins the most votes regarding user reviews in receiving astrological and oracle interpretations from a digital platform. Free psychics are also available for demos each time you book a new practitioner.

We highlight its rise to the top below:

The Origins: How Did It Start?

Kasamba began its spiritual quest some twenty years ago. The company committed itself to sharing truthful mystic wisdom and divine prophecies from a virtual space. They started with basic services like tarot cards, astrology readings, and crystal gazing.

After receiving glowing reviews and support from the cosmic community, site administrators ventured into niche aspects of digital divination. The website interface received industry-specific upgrades that matched market trends and user expectations.

Since then, Kasamba has become an invincible mystic force you can’t ignore. We recommend it wholeheartedly as the right choice for beginners and experienced clients. Thousands of reviews and testimonials vouch for its exceptional service and ethical conduct.

Therefore, new users find themselves at ease registering with this credible consultancy site. Free psychic readings are accessible for you to explore their unique service options.

The Specs: How’s It Going in 2022?

If you’re looking for a psychic reader that delves deep into divination pathways to disclose your future, choose Kasamba. The platform equips users with relevant resources. For instance, you have a cooperative client support team ready to help. Plus, multiple communication channels to simplify this journey.

What to expect?

A Quick and Easy Registration Process

The days of tedious queues and slow loading sites are gone. You no longer have to spend significant time filling out registration forms. Kasamba skips standard protocol by asking you to scroll through their service options and pick a psychic reader. Once you know who you want, you may sign up to become a member.

To set up, you need a username (it can be a pseudonym if you wish to stay anonymous) and an encrypted password. You can select payment options to complete the registration process. Once you verify your account via email, you can initiate contact with your chosen consultant. The whole process takes less than five minutes for most people. It also ensures that your personally identifiable information (i.e., birth date, age, gender, and demographic details) remains a secret. Only online psychics that you consult will know these aspects of your identity. Consequently, this approach keeps your identity under wraps and safe from anyone with malicious intent.

After completing your profile, you can begin your online psychic readings.

An Intelligent Compatibility Tool

Do you want to love psychic reading or career forecasts?

Kasamba uses data science to accelerate your search for compatible consultants. Contacting a psychic reader can enter relevant information like experience, specialty, and communication preference. Then watch how the database lists top contenders that match your mystic interests.

You can use this search algorithm in two ways. Either answer a series of multiple-choice questions to enter your preferences or use your dashboard. The site will direct you to a search engine from there. You can filter your request by entering the right keywords and clicking sub-categories to get a relevant match.

User navigation on this site isn’t difficult. They have subdivided primary psychic reading services to simplify the process. For instance, astrological readings are divided into two to differentiate practitioners that follow Vedic rules from those that use Chinese astrology.

Likewise, psychic readings themselves include several branches. Featured options are there for readings about pets, ancient rune castings, aura readings, crystal readings, and more. Location-based mediums are also listed to answer your queries about finding a “local psychic.”

The Price: How Much Do Readings with the Best Psychics Cost?

Kasamba takes great pride in providing affordable rates for its quality care and services. They offer free psychic readings to ensure your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste. You can try these live demos before booking a clairvoyant for paid services.

Price plans are adjustable and range from $1/min to over $20/min. We recommend timing your sessions well to meet your budget limit. You also receive a 70% discount code for your first paid consultation. The promotional offer allows you to explore the divination services and their providers without worrying about the cost.

You can also select budget-friendly psychics by selecting advisors who don’t charge as much as the famous online psychics.

How to pay for your psychic reading online?

The platform has a flexible payment system. You can enter credit card details for direct transfer. Alternatively, you may use PayPal for your transactions. Both options are doable and Kasamba-approved.

Moreover, there’s a cashback validity for unhappy users. Complaining within the first 24 hours increases your chances of securing compensation. Alternatively, you may qualify for free psychic reading online with another practitioner.

Why Should You Try Kasamba?

  1. You get to join a revered and respected psychic reading site on the web
  2. Lower risks due to its foolproof screening system to avoid fake practitioners from duping registered member
  3. An intelligent Psychic Match Wizard links users with advisors based on compatibility and user preferences
  4. The digital platform enables users to ask questions through chat psychics or psychic phone readings
  5. Enlightening and soulfully satisfying discussions about your future and new-age spirituality are only a few clicks away
  6. Free psychics are available for three-minute chats to help you assess their clairvoyant capabilities before paying for extended sessions
  7. Unlock 70% discount deals after your free psychic readings (exclusive offer for newcomers

⇒ Want a Free Reading with Live Psychics? Join Kasamba today!

2. Psychic Source - The Budget Pick for Psychic Readings with Tarot Experts

Psychic Source has one of the best psychics for tarot card interpretations accessible through digital platforms. They have a dedicated customer support team that handles different types of queries. All done to make your visit to this website seamless and disruption-free.

We highlight its mystic journey in the following sections:

The Origins: How Did It Start?

Psychic Source started its divination services by reading tarot cards through phone psychic readings. In the late 80s, it was a revolutionary move since most people still queued outside traveling caravans to meet a fortune teller. Having daily access to these expert guides seemed like a privilege.

Prices were kept low to ensure everyone benefited from this innovative solution. Word of mouth resulted in the nationwide expansion of this fantastic platform. Soon enough, they had garnered enough attention to become a global phenomenon. The best online psychics from other parts joined the cosmic community.

The Specs: How’s It Going in 2022?

Psychic Source continues to be one of the most reputable virtual spaces to receive mystic advice. Much has changed since its inception. The site now covers multiple services, from astrological readings, crystal gazing, oracle guidance, and dream analysis to chakra alignments.

They also have a cosmic app you can download to receive daily astrological updates, callback notifications, and messages from chat psychics.

What’s more?

Stay Aware and Informed about Your Future with Exceptional Tarot Guidance

Site administrators do their due diligence to find experienced and genuine practitioners for their platform. Registered advisors must qualify for the services by sharing compassionate and precise prophecies. Due to these factors, reliable readings are guaranteed whenever you book a consultation.

Tarot remains the most popular choice of Psychic Source. Some readers mix things up by combining numerology readings and astrological aspects with tarot spreads. These techniques add another dimension to the prophecies as readers connect your past, current situation, and upcoming events. One can use their knowledge to overcome persistent challenges.

Compassionate consultants provide emotional and divination-based support when you’re about to make some life-altering decisions.

Don’t know which service or guide to choose? Psychic Source shares recommendations via staff picks, client choices, and an AI-powered Psychic Tool. You can use these features to find a specialist to resolve your current struggles.

Multiple Communication Channels & Services to Contact a Psychic Reader

The difference between a meeting a psychic in person and an online advisor comes from communication style. In-person meetings are more immersive, and you have a better chance of catching non-verbal cues during your session.

You can’t follow up on questions until your next appointment. Sometimes this can take weeks or even months if your designated advisor has a busy schedule.

Sites like Psychic Source adopt a more flexible approach. Registered users can contact live psychics through chat and phone calls. You are directed to private chat rooms where you share a screen during the session.

Alternatively, you can opt for a real-time video call to consult the mystic advisor. These features allow you to receive guidance in real-time. A well-integrated app makes reaching out to consultants more convenient.

Additionally, users can opt for offline correspondence when designated advisors are unavailable. You can start the conversation through email and wait for the response. It can take a few hours or days to receive prophecies and advice via email.

Nevertheless, online psychics make up for the delay by sharing lengthy replies.

The Price: How Much Do Readings with the Best Psychics Cost?

Psychic Source aims to provide budgeted price plans for psychic reading online. You can pay as you book services to ensure you don’t overextend your monthly expenses. The pre-paid service usually charges $1 per minute for standard readings. Experienced practitioners on the higher-end and extended consultations can cost over $10 per minute.

Best of all, you’ve got free psychic readings to schedule during the trial. New users receive a 75% discount as part of their welcoming package—a cashback guarantee for disgruntled users complaining about service quality or other issues. Client support teams lodge that complaint and reimburse paid users if they have a valid problem.

Overall, it’s an inexpensive solution for anyone interested in asking mystic guidance for assistance.

Why Should You Use Psychic Source?

  1. It provides decades of experience in the psychic reading industry
  2. Easy to book free psychics for three-minute demos
  3. 3-way communication channels for phone psychic readings and chat-based readings
  4. 75% discount available for new psychic online users
  5. Excellent user support system with a 24/7 hotline accessible for emergencies
  6. Automated payment options are available to extend calls as soon as your credit ends
  7. Downloadable app for mobile users accessible for free psychic readings too

⇒ Get Free Trial Psychic Reading Online on Psychic Source!

3. California Psychics - Real Psychics Available for Accurate Fortune Telling

California Psychics can be listed as one of the big three in the psychic industry. Like Psychic Source and Kasamba, the online platform has been around for years. It delivers accurate readings with the assistance of a well-vetted advisory team.

Free psychics are eager to demonstrate their expertise before committing to a prepaid plan.

We give you a glimpse of its trajectory below:

The Origins: How Did It Start?

California Psychics began its mystic journey in 1995. The platform shares over a decade of industry experience by assisting individuals in overcoming fears, doubts, and life challenges. From the get-go, they set themselves apart by designing a foolproof recruitment system that keeps phony practitioners away.

Despite competition from well-established platforms, California Psychics made a niche space within the industry. It achieved this success through consistent performance, affordable rates, and diversifying its service offerings.

Additionally, they made divination accessible through free psychic readings.

The Specs: How’s It Going in 2022?

California Psychics has expanded significantly over the years and has become an interactive site for modern mystic enthusiasts. Site administrators have integrated various features to make your visits here undisruptive.

Like its counterparts, they, too, offer an app for mobile-based consultations with chat psychics. Or you can use the app to receive an animated tarot card reading. The possibilities continue evolving with each app and website tech upgrade.

Here are some things that stay constant:

Super Secure Divine Interventions

It screens practitioners who register with the network. They have high recruitment standards. Due to that, only 10% of candidates receive a verified status from the site administrators.

The platform chooses applicants based on years of experience, the specialized psychic medium, and communication capabilities. They also conduct a thorough background check to assess whether these candidates are legitimate or phony. Online assessments are also done to evaluate live performance and the accuracy of the predictions.

After this, a selected few become part of the cosmic community. You can review profiles to find out everything about their reading style. Additionally, user testimonials are available to determine whether a psychic reader will work for you.

Chat psychic readings and calls are conducted in private chat rooms to minimize security breaches. Encrypted passwords and secure e-payment channels are other preventive measures site administrators take to maintain user privacy.

Spiritual Support from an Experienced Psychic Reader

California Psychics has diversified its service options since it started. These days, it promotes a good mix of contemporary and ancient divination practices. This includes oracle readings, a modern and abstract way of predicting the future through pictorial depictions.

These spiritual readings can take different directions depending on your questions. For instance, you can use oracle decks for love readings to rekindle romances or connect with someone new. Alternatively, these cards can share a glimpse of events that occurred years ago through past life readings.

In addition to these interpretations, you have astrological and numerological depictions. They guide you through the ups and downs you experience in life.

How Much Do Oracle Card Readings Cost?

California Psychics developed an affordable price plan to accommodate the needs of individual users. Standard services start at $1/minute and go up to $5/minute depending on the advisor you select. Communication styles also impact service charges. For instance, chat psychics cost less than video calls and phone psychics.

More importantly, first-time users receive 5-minute long free psychic readings. You need to add the promo code ADD5 to receive the trial minutes. If the session goes well, you can switch to a paid format for an extended conversation with your designated advisor.

Alternatively, you can schedule follow-up meetings with the same person on a different date. The timings and costs are flexible. These factors make the process accessible and convenient for virtual users.

Why Should You Try California Psychics?

  1. Free psychic readings are available through a 5-minute trial
  2. It’s an affordable service where you can pay as you go instead of subscribing to month-long packages
  3. An extremely secure and well-integrated system with minimum cybersecurity risks
  4. Only 10% of applicants meet the demanding standards of this mystic platform
  5. A mix of traditional and contemporary divination practices is used here to share your prophecy
  6. Animated tarot card sessions are accessible via the mobile app
  7. You can sign up for daily tarot and horoscope readings

⇒ Start Your Session with Free Psychics on California Psychics Today!

4. Mysticsense - The Best Choice to Find Your Clarity

Mysticsense has taken the divination world by storm. It’s a new age spirituality site giving older platforms tough competition. The site breathes life into static databases by ensuring most of its aspects are interactive.

There are also tons of community-centric features that make your readings magical.

The Origins: How Did It Start?

Rumor has it that Mysticsense started in 2020, around the New Year. The pandemic boom led to an influx of verified online psychics and eager clientele that site administrators never expected. Since then, they have grown strength by strength, updating the website specs to accommodate the growing interest.

Like predecessors, the site excels in balancing diverse divination practices. They also have an always-on support team that supervises online activities. That way, users and practitioners can reach out when something goes wrong.

The majority of the site issues get fixed in real-time. Others take a day or a week, depending on the situation.

The Specs: How’s It Going in 2022?

Since it’s a relatively new space, we can’t give an in-depth analysis of how far the platform has progressed. Client testimonials suggest that it's performing consistently, and so far, no major issues have impacted its growth.

Therefore, we can safely predict that Mysticsense will remain an integral part of the industry in the coming years.

A Transparent User Rating System

Compared to visiting a local psychic, practitioner performances are tracked better on virtual platforms. That’s because you have user reviews as references.

Mysticsense adds another dimension to the rating system by sharing different categories on the main page. These include:

  • Top-rated advisors, aka the best psychics registered with Mysticsene
  • Rising Talent refers to newly affiliated consultants performing well and receiving rave reviews from users
  • Staff picks are also mentioned as recommendations from insiders working on the platform

Aside from this, they have a “Very Popular’ category and one for ‘Newly Joined” recruits. Each shortlists a different spectrum of practitioners working with the platform. The first highlights the best online psychics with the most user votes. In contrast, the other category introduces you to good advisors that might not have that many reviews or experience on the platform.

More Interaction and Better Social Support

Chat psychic readings and psychic phone readings are no longer exceptional features for modern portals. The way they are run matters most. Preceding platforms always bring their A-game when it comes to communication channels.

Hence, Mysticsense was adamant about incorporating a unique detail to set itself apart from rival databases. The innovation led to a Knowledge Base that allows clients and consultants to interact in Reddit-style threads. For instance, someone posts a question, and other registered account holders can respond.

It builds a kinship amongst the users and advisors. You can scan through the most viewed queries to learn something new about the site functions.

Moreover, if you have a different query, you can start a live chat or shoot a message. Someone from the customer support team will respond accordingly.

How Much Do Psychic Readings Cost?

Mysticsense doesn’t have free psychic readings or free psychics in the conventional sense. That’s because it increases the stake by awarding newly registered clients a 5-minute trial. The extended minutes lead to more in-depth discoveries through divination.

Paid readings are charged by the minute. They cost around $-$15, depending on the expertise and popularity of your advisor.

Why Should You Try Mysticsense?

  1. A user-friendly web design simplifies the registration and scheduling process with a 5-minute free psychic reading online
  2. A cooperative user support team ensures nothing goes amiss during your reading
  3. A diverse range of choices for psychic medium services for new age spirituality enthusiasts
  4. Daily horoscopes and tarot card readings to manifest a positive and happy future
  5. Low rates and incredible user rating system to achieve satisfactory results
  6. A downloadable app allows you to continue interacting with your psychic reader around the clock
  7. You’ll interact with some of the greatest psychic online advisors in the industry via desktop or mobile app 

⇒ Mysticsense Invites You for a Free Session. Let’s Go!.

People Also Ask: How to Get Best Free Psychic Readings Online?

You need a reputable platform, cooperative consultants, and a good strategy for online psychic readings to experience the magic of mysticism.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Why Is It Important to Ask a Question During Your Psychic Readings?

A psychic reader expects you to answer a question at the start of the session. These queries serve as focal points for the spiritually uplifting session. You need it to specify your introspective search for enlightenment. Alternatively, it might allow you to shed light on your goals or struggles.

Highlighting one aspect of your life allows online psychics to place their energy in the relevant direction. Without the right question, their readings might appear vague and ambiguous. Plus, your questions lead to personalized psychic predictions andtarot readings. They differentiate you from other clients that share your zodiac sign or situation. Overlaps in astrological alignments, personalities, and circumstances aren't uncommon.

At least your thoughtful inquiries can cancel out those misguided energies.

What’s more? It would be great if you can avoid yes/no questions. Those will automatically lead to monosyllabic responses that require more elaboration. Open-ended questions work well in these spiritually-charged scenarios.

Is There a Way to Avoid Fake Online Psychics?

Differentiating between the best online psychics and phonies requires an experienced eye. There are certain antics and gimmicks that give fraudsters away. Thanks to their money-minded obsession to scam vulnerable victims through stereotypical ruses.

The platforms reviewed in this article conduct a thorough screen test to keep ill-intended advisors out. Yet, you should learn how to identify a fake psychic online. According to an article in the ABC Action News, you can recognize “bogus psychics” by their behavior and communication skills. Real advisors don’t need prompts to share “highly specific information” with clients. Instead, they do so by themselves like asking about a loved one you lost or a misfortune that occurred in the past.

More importantly, they prefer to lead you by their intuition. Due to this, they might ask you to stop talking or reveal too much information. They prefer to find out these details through their clairvoyance capabilities.

Aside from this, you should avoid practitioners that:

  • Ask too many questions and share prophecies tailored to what you wanted to hear (or already know) instead of revealing new information
  • Say you need to pay X amount of money to counter negative energy or entity surrounding you
  • Try to convince you that they can cast spells or curses
  • Call themselves curse breakers and potion makers

These add-on services often cost a fortune and never lead to anything concrete. They are false incentives that lure you into paying more or outside the secure e-payment system that the primary platform uses.

We advise you to report these fortune tellers immediately. Your quick response and initiative can save others from scams that cost them thousands of dollars.

How Many Types of Online Psychic Readings Are There?

There are several different ways to receive psychic predictions. Astrologists pull up birth charts and observe planetary alignments for career forecasts and marriages. Then some experienced numerologists can share wisdom through number sequences. Tarot card and angel card interpretations are other popular choices you see online.

Rising to the front are crystal pendulums.

These relatively new spiritual readings help you make decisions. The prediction depends on how the weighted crystal moves when the consultant swings it. Interestingly, these are the only format for online psychic readings where asking yes/no queries isn't bad. The whole process leads to a yes or no response. For instance, if the crystal moves clockwise, the answer is yes. If it doesn’t, it’s a no.

Your designated advisor shall explain the dynamics beforehand.

Let Online Psychics Lead the Way

Free psychic reading online is a brilliant way to delve into divination. These non-obligatory consultations give you a gist of the virtual process and mystic arts. You don’t have to worry about wasting any money or time.

You can become a regular user if you feel that these psychic predictions positively impact your life. The guides can become your spiritual therapists, confidant, and mentors as you learn to live mindfully and use your intuition to evade the not-so-good aspects of life.

That’s all you needed to know.

We hope the stars always shine in your favor.


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