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8:39 AM, Jan 13, 2023
8:39 AM, Jan 13, 2023

When life throws you a curveball, what do you do? Get up, brush yourself off, re-adjust, and move forward! But do you know how to do that? If yes, then a psychic reading may help!

Yes! Psychic readings are a great help when making tough decisions in life is hard. Are you going through a rough patch in life right now? Need a new or fresh perspective? Psychic readings are at your service!

Much debate still revolves around the accuracy and reliability of psychic readings, but if you search online, you'll see how it has changed many people's lives. Psychic readings help people choose a new path regarding their relationships, career, or spirituality.

The best part about online psychic readings is that you can access them from any part of the world. Thanks to the hundreds of websites that provide the service, an online psychic reading is possible. However, choosing the best psychic reading online can be a daunting task given the vast number of websites.

So, how do you pick the best from the lot? By trusting us! This review will give you a complete analysis of the top 5 online psychic reading websites, why we like them, and how we picked them.

If you would like to know more about the best online psychic readers or real and true online psychics, keep reading!

Top 5 Psychic Reading Sites

Psychic Reading SitesFeatures
  • Best platform for newcomers
  • 5 minutes FREE for the first session
  • 24/7 online support
Purple Garden
  • Personable psychic predictions
  • Affordable services and many active psychics
  • $10 free credit with any payment
  • Most versatile psychic readings
  • First 3 Minutes FREE + 50% off for new customers
  • Good mobile app to connect with psychics
  • Best for love advice
  • First 3 minutes FREE
  • A broad range of prices fitting every budget
  • Available over email or phone
  • 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 minutes for FREE
  • In-depth psychic readings

1. Mysticsense

Mysticsense has a reputation for being one of the best psychic medium websites in the industry. It has an arsenal of experienced and professional psychic readers who excel in multiple reading styles and topics, such as love, career, divorce, and more.

The website has over 600 psychic readers and offers services any time of the day. Users must register an account with the website, upon which they will receive a free five-minute session with any reader they like.

The best part about Mysticsense is the detailed descriptions of all the psychic readers. If you want to engage with another person on a deep level, you want to know more about that person first.

Keeping that in mind, Mysticsense provides a full biography of every reader along with a short introduction by the reader and past reviews. Such information allows users to make an informed decision and choose a psychic reader based on their needs and the reader's abilities.

The site also offers psychic readings through chat, phone call, and video call! However, users must have at least $10 in their account for readings through phone calls. Another significant feature of Mysticsense is its filtering options on the website.

You don't have to search the website for your reader aimlessly. Instead, you can filter the best psychics based on the desired reading styles, topics, and specializations. Hence, it is easy to navigate, even for beginners.

The Best Psychic Readers

Angelina Love Life Specialist – Angelina has over 30 years of experience as a professional psychic reader specializing in clairvoyant empathy, grief counseling, and energy healing. She charges $4.29 per minute for a call and $3.59 per minute for a chat psychic reading. She has 5-star ratings on the website and uses tarot cards and reiki as her preferred tools.

Reina is a 5-star rated tarot card, numerology, and astrology expert known for her warmth and charm during her readings. She specializes in destiny and life path readings and is available for $2.08 per minute through chat and $3.11 per minute for a call.

2. Kasamba

Get some of the most accurate psychic predictions with Kasamba, an online psychic reading website with over 3 million satisfied customers. Kasamba was established in 1999 and now has over 285 professional experts specializing in various psychic reading fields.

Kasamba is the best for online tarot card readings, astrology readings, dream analyses, and fortune-telling. The website offers cheap psychic readings accessible to everybody across the globe.

One of the most attractive features of the website is the free three minutes you receive with the psychic reader of your choice. Plus, you get a 70% discount for your first session. By getting a few trial minutes with a reader, you can decide if that reader is the right one for you.

All psychics at Kasamba are chosen after a rigorous screening and testing process. Each profile contains information on their specialties, reading styles, and customers' reviews. You can access some of the best online psychics at Kasamba through chat or email.

There is also a Kasamba mobile app that allows users to get quick psychic readings! Also, Kasamba offers a satisfaction guarantee to all its customers by providing a refund of up to $50 if you are unsatisfied.

You can even find good psychics speaking multiple languages; thus, Kasamba caters to many customers worldwide. Just click on the "Let’s Chat" option on the psychic's profile page, and you can begin right away!

The Best Psychic Readers

David James is one of the best clairvoyant psychics with a 5-star rating and over 30,000 customer reviews. People love him for his straightforward answers and going deeper into questions.

For those with romance or love issues, Guidance of the Heart is a female love psychic expert known for her compassion, accuracy, and ability to give the best romantic advice.

3. Purple Garden

Purple Garden is where you'll find some of the most affordable psychics in the industry. The site offers a range of services, such as tarot readings, oracle guidance, palm readings, astrology, and horoscopes, to name a few.

Though the website is relatively newer than most others, it quickly gained a good reputation due to the services offered and its roster of famous psychics in the industry. It has even been featured in several publications and is known for offering unique products such as esoteric alchemy, empathic medium, and more.

If you are not sure about navigating the website, Purple Garden even gives you real-time advisors who can help you find real psychics for your problems. You get the option to either have a live chat with psychics, talk over the phone with psychics, or interact with the best psychics through video call.

Are you searching the web for “psychics near me”? Purple Garden has psychics spread across the world with prices starting from $0.99 per minute and going up to $14.99 per minute. If you are interested in tarot card readings, then you will love Purple Garden.

The site is known for being the best in the industry for tarot card readings, with many readers scoring a 5-star rating. For first-timers, you can find cheap psychics who can give you life-changing answers and a new direction.

The Best Psychic Readers

Michael is a 5-star rated psychic in Purple Garden and goes by the name “Loving M.” He has over 4,000 reviews, and his customers love him for his accurate readings on love, business, family, and more. He specializes in angels, tarot cards, and gypsy readings.

Psychic Norell is one of the most gifted psychics out there, with over 17,000 psychic readings and 9,000 reviews on Purple Garden. Her clients love her for providing straightforward answers on love, relationships, family, and career.

4. Keen

If you are keen on consulting legit psychics online, then Keen is the place for you! With over two decades of experience in real psychic readings, Keen has over 1,700 true psychics who can help you make tough decisions.

Keen has some of the best psychic readers specializing in tarot card readings, astrology, energy healing, and dream interpretations. An outstanding feature of Keen is the "Psychic Match Quiz" that users can take to find the perfect psychic readers for their problems.

The website has a reputation for harboring cheap psychics who can give accurate psychic readings online. Members can enjoy 10-minute sessions with the psychic they want for just $1.99, which is the cheapest in the industry. Also, new registrants get the first 3 minutes of their sessions for free!

Keen has a user-friendly website that allows you to filter options and find the best available psychics. You can do a search based on your preferred topics, reading styles, objects, and more. Hence, it is a great start for beginners to get the hang of the website.

Keen also has a mobile app through which users can get in touch with any of their psychics anytime they like. The site also guarantees customer satisfaction and offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The Best Psychic Readers

Elizabeth of the Light is an empath specializing in career, relationships, and money advice. She has 5-star ratings based on over 11,000 reviews. She is known for her honesty and truthfulness with her answers. She is available at $4.99 per minute and is one of the most affordable psychics out there.

Lighting Love is a male mystic who has truly satisfied many of his clients and has brought about a positive change in their lives. His clients love the way he interacts with them while truly understanding their problems.

5. AskNow

AskNow started in 2005 and has since remained one of the most popular psychic reading websites in the United States. The site is best known for psychic medium readings with professional psychic mediums who can connect you with the dead.

Apart from this, AskNow offers 9 different categories of readings, such as astrology, love and relationship, money and finance, dream interpretation, horoscope, and more. The site is trusted among its users because of the expertise exhibited by its good psychics.

What makes AskNow maintain its grand reputation is that they regularly test the abilities of their psychics every 4-6 months. So, you will only find the best online psychic readers on AskNow.

An offer many clients appreciate is the free 5-minute session every new user gets, and this is much longer than what most reputed websites offer. Also, if you are not satisfied, then you can contact customer service, and they will hook you up with another psychic reader for another free 5-minute session.

Looking for a $1 psychic reading? Then head on to AskNow! The prices here start as low as $1. You will find three tiers of psychics on the site:

  • Master Advisors ($13/minute and up)
  • Elite Advisors ($10.00-$12.99/minute)
  • Top-Rated Advisors ($3.99-$9.99/minute)

You can get a psychic reading via phone call or chat on AskNow. However, the site doesn't offer video messages and emails.

The Best Psychic Readers

Miss Kim is a clairvoyant expert with over 20 years of experience in psychic readings. She uses angel cards and chakra cards along with her spiritual gifts to get a better understanding of her clients’ situations.

John Alexander is a 5-star rated psychic advisor with over 30 years of experience in the field. His clients love him for the way he connects with their problems and gives clear and accurate answers.

Our Ranking Method

Getting a hold of some of the best and most accurate psychics online is not easy, given the hundreds of psychic websites that have sprung up over the years. Needless to say, these websites are authentic and legitimate only by the services they offer and the type of psychic readers they house.

Many reputable psychics have garnered mass attention because of their abilities and accurate answers, but it may be difficult to spot them if you don't approach the right website.

The above listed 5 websites have been meticulously chosen after a robust analysis of their customers' reviews, the services they offer, and the type of psychics they have. We have also carried out an in-depth study of the following factors before choosing them for you.

Inventory of Psychics

A reputable website must host psychics who are experts in the field with many years of experience. The types of psychics available should be professionals in various categories, such as love and relationship readings, dream analysis, money and finance, astrology, and more. It is a waste of time for customers to sign up to a website and not get the psychic they are looking for.

Screening Process

With so many psychic readers claiming to be experts, it is easy to get duped by one. So, online psychic reading websites must have a rigorous screening process before admitting any psychic readers to their websites.

Readers’ screening process differs among websites, but most of them choose readers based on their qualifications, years of experience, and success rate. Some of the websites even ask readers to display their gifts or abilities to better understand each reader's abilities.

A few websites, like AskNow, carry out a screening process of their existing readers every 4-6 months to check if readers are still capable.

Features Offered

The features available on a website speak a lot about its authenticity. Features such as free trial minutes or satisfaction guarantees showcase a website's confidence in its readers. The most reputed websites offer free 3-5-minute sessions to every user so that customers don't have to waste money on a session they may not like.

Also, some websites offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers. This allows customers the ability to contact customer service and claim a refund or ask for another reader free of cost if they weren’t satisfied with a specific reader.

The Differences Between Paid and Free Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can help you make life's toughest decisions when you feel confused or lost. There are hundreds of online psychics websites that can give accurate psychic readings whenever you like.

Most of these websites offer promotions and discounts to their customers to attract them in the beginning. For example, the most esteemed websites offer the first three or five minutes of a session totally free to new customers, after which they'll be charged based on minutes.

Let us look at some of the differences between paid and free psychic readings.

Levels of Expertise

When you approach psychic readers with your life problems, you would want the best to guide you, right? You should know that all good things come at a price, and so do authentic psychics.

Popular psychics who have many years of experience in the field chat be per minute, and it's not always cheap. Some may charge up to $20 per minute or even higher. You may find free psychics online, but they are mostly beginners.

Most beginners give free psychic readings in order to gain a name and reviews online. Also, you can get the first few minutes with an experienced online psychic for free, but you'll be charged if you wish to prolong the session.

Limited Services

Most of the legit and safe websites offer many types of readings or products. These websites require funds in your account if you want to use their services.

As a result, when you go for paid psychic readings, you can expect more varieties of reading styles and topics, with some offering even unique psychic readings.

Free psychic reading websites that claim to offer free readings may not host legit readers or true psychics.

These sites may offer only limited services such as those dealing with love and finance or business since these are the most common ones. But again, the site may not give enough information about its readers, their qualifications, or their years of experience.

Also, it isn’t always necessary to pay a heavy amount to get in touch with the best psychic readers in the industry. Most legit websites offer discounts and promotions along with free minutes that allow clients to truly interact with experts and get answers.

There are a few paid websites where you can get love psychic readings for free from experts or even ask a free psychic question anytime you like. However, these are only available for a limited time, and only a limited number of questions can be asked.

Local or Online Psychics: Which to Choose

Online psychic readings only began around the 1990s, when people were still very skeptical about the accuracy of such readings. However, online psychic readings have boomed over time and increased in the last few years, so there's more hope for the future.

Over time, people have come to understand that getting accurate readings isn't so much about the in-person contact but rather the expertise of the reader and their years of experience. So, how can you get access to some of the best life coach psychics, spiritual psychics, or even palm psychic readers when sitting at home?

By simply getting in touch with an online psychic! Also, it may be impossible to meet such experienced and expert psychics in your area, town, or even city. Therefore, online psychic readings make it very easy for users anywhere in the world to choose the right psychic for their specific situations.

Online psychic meetings eliminate the hassle of making appointments and squeezing a session in an inconvenient time just to meet a psychic locally. Some people may like to remain unidentified, and for such persons, online psychic readings are always the best choice.

You can have the freedom to chat, call, or video call a psychic anytime you like because online psychic websites always have someone available. Not to mention, a lot of emphasis is placed on the variety of specializations you can access when looking for online psychics.

Sometimes your demands or questions may not be conventional, like a question on love or life. In such instances, having an expert with unique abilities is a blessing in disguise.

You may even want to connect with your loved ones using the best mediums available, and, in such cases, websites like AskNow have some of the best psychic mediums at your disposal.

Another striking difference between local and online psychic readings is the price range. Local or offline psychic readers demand a much higher price than psychics found online. Online love psychics are one of the most affordable psychics available today.

You can even get a free psychic chat or enjoy a quick three or five-minute session with an experienced psychic for free. All these options are not available with local psychics.

However, in the end, the aim of a free love psychic reading is to satisfy you, regardless of whether it is online or offline. Therefore, no matter the mode of contact you choose, make sure that you get the answers you are looking for.

What are the advantages of online psychic readings?

  • Getting answers to the most pressing questions in your life while sitting at home
  • Having accessibility to a wide number of psychic experts with varying abilities and spiritual powers
  • Being able to discuss your problems and share anything about your life while being anonymous
  • Getting a chance to get spiritual readings for free or at a minimal cost
  • The ease of getting astrology psychic readings through chat or email
  • The opportunities to get free psychic readings from some of the best spirit mediums or psychics in the world

Tips on a Wonderful Online Psychic Reading Experience

An online psychic reading can be stressful if you can't connect with the reader over time. But here are a few things you need to keep in mind for a seamless experience:

  • Don't ask unnecessary questions for which the answer may either be a “yes" or a "no," as it may irritate the reader.
  • Freely give all the information the psychic asks and don't withhold details.
  • A legit reader won't ask for sensitive information that may compromise your identity or security, so don't give such information.
  • Always be polite when talking to your reader.


  • What is an online psychic reading?

Much like an offline psychic reading, an online psychic reading involves a clairvoyant, a psychic, or a medium who will try to understand your situation and give you answers or a new perception about your situation.

Psychics have the ability to use their skills, such as intuition and empathy, to provide clarity and insight to their clients and help them with their struggles. An online psychic reading is done through phone call, chat, email, or video call.

  • Are online psychic readings trustworthy?

Absolutely, yes! The focus should not be on whether it is online or offline but on who the reader is and what experience he/she has in the field. Many people feel that free online psychic readers are untrustworthy and fake, but that just depends on where you choose psychics from.

Once you connect to true psychics, you simply need to ask the right questions and make them understand your problem. For a legit psychic reading from a professional, you may need to make a payment to receive their service.

However, before doing so, making use of your free minutes and having a quick session with the reader is always recommended.

  • How can I contact an online psychic?

You can contact a psychic through any of the 5 websites mentioned above. These websites are some of the most popular ones in the industry, and you are sure to find who you are looking for. You must sign up with the website using your email address and a password to begin looking for psychics.

  • What types of psychic reading abilities can I find online?

You can find every psychic reading ability you know of online. One of the biggest advantages of free online psychic readings is the variety of specializations you get. From astrology, dream interpretations, and Vedic astrology to numerology and telepathy, you can get access to all.

  • Are online psychic chat readings reliable?

Many people think that chatting with a psychic online won't build the connection or the spirituality they need to answer your questions correctly. But that's not true! The first step to getting reliable information from psychic chat readings is to be upfront about your situation, questions, and doubts.

Any kind of ambiguity or vagueness in your chat messages will lead to a disconnect between you and the reader. Hence, it is critical that you don't withhold any crucial information. So, don’t be afraid to spill the beans with your psychic when prompted!

  • How can I know if a psychic is legitimate?

For starters, only contact psychics through websites that are safe and trustworthy such as the ones mentioned above. Apart from these, there are a few things you must check to know if the psychic is not a dupe, such as checking customers' reviews.

Reviews from previous clients never lie. So, check if the reader has had 5-star ratings from previous clients and read what clients had to say about the reader. Most legit psychics share a full bio about themselves to let clients know about their years of experience and level of expertise.

Another way of checking is to ask for a few minutes of free trial at the beginning of the session. Most legit psychics won't have a problem with that, but the fake ones may ask you to make a payment first.

  • Can I discuss or question anything with a psychic?

Yes, you can! The job of a psychic is to understand your situation and give answers to any of your queries. You can ask about topics such as love, relationships, intimacy, divorce, money, career, family, and so much more.

But make sure that you provide enough details to the reader so that he/she gets a full picture of your circumstances. So, don't hesitate to share any doubts you may have with your psychic.


If you are looking for "psychics near me," then don't bother, because you can easily find the best psychics online through the websites provided above. Online psychic reading is a big business industry, so it is important that you only connect with the most accurate psychics available.

Life is not easy, but by receiving help from the best psychic readers, you may find that it is smooth sailing. Online psychics are ready to help you with any of your problems if you are honest with them. These are people with the innate skills of empathy and compassion who can truly understand you.

When you get a free psychic reading through websites such as Purple Garden, Kasamba, or Keen, you can rest assured that you will receive spirit readings or love readings that are life-changing. These sites have a plethora of psychics who excel in various psychic abilities and offer their services at an affordable price. So, make sure you always choose the best to have your needs fulfilled!

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