Free Psychic Reading Online - 5 Best Psychics Sites For Accurate Readings

5:35 PM, Jun 09, 2022
2:13 PM, Aug 01, 2022

A psychic experience via free psychic reading is unlike any other. An experienced and authentic professional can help you realize aspects of your personality and potential you are unaware of. Using a wide range of tools, they can tap into the spiritual realm and even contact your guardian angels for a reading that can give you goosebumps. If you are skeptic, don’t knock the free psychic reading till you try it.

We made your choice easier for you. You don’t have to go all the way to a popular psychic to get spiritual readings. Just take a look at the ones that we have here in our list and save money in the bargain. So you really have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. You may find a psychic who can make you a believer for all the right reasons.

These 5 psychic websites are some of the best portals for psychic readings you can pay money for, but the best thing about them is that they offer great discounts frequently. In fact, new members get the first spiritual readings free of cost for a few minutes so they can make an informed decision. You get your money’s worth in the end so you really have nothing to lose by trying these out and a psychic medium for yourself.

Best Psychic Reading Sites

1. Kasamba – Best Known for Accurate Love Readings Via Phone & Live Chat (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off)

2. Psychic Source – Excellent Platform for Guidance on Important Life Decisions (3 Free Minutes + 75% Off)

3. California Psychics – Ideal for Guidance on Money, Career, and New Age Spirituality. (5 Free Minutes Using Code "ADD5" )

4. Keen – Best for Tarot and Angel card readings. (3 Minutes Free Trial)

5. Mysticsense – Perfect for Users Who Want Experienced Psychic Mediums (First 5 Minutes Free)

The top 5 psychic portals that made our list boast a range of popular and efficient free psychics who can give you a memorable psychic reading. Make the best decision by going through our detailed reviews on each one:

1. Kasamba — Get A Free Reading That Can Change Your Life for The Better

Kasamba is an online portal that offers psychic specialists to those who need a psychic reading on a regular basis from reliable professionals. Users can easily register on the site using the user-friendly registration process and find the exact psychic for their needs. Think of it as an Uber-like site that connects psychics with psychic enthusiasts and vice versa for online psychic readings. One of those clients may be you one day, but we advise you not to make quick decision till you are 100% sure that the site is for you.

Here are some of the things that stood out for us on the site:


The people who made Kasamba what it is today have a strict screening process that reviews all potential psychics, mediums and spiritual advisors before they are allowed on the site for online psychic readings. Those that are selected have reviews on their site that cannot be changed, both the good and the bad. That way, customers can see is the psychic is reliable enough to deliver a reading for you.

Wide range of psychics

Irrespective of why you are looking for a psychic, you can find what you are searching for on the website. These include psychics who can do free psychic love reading, career forecasts, astrology readings relationship forecasts among others. The profiles are clearly mentioned in the profile section of each psychic so you can take your pick easily for online psychic readings.

Easy psychic search

Once you are ready to reach out to an advisor for past life readings, you can make an account. You will be taken to a signup window when you click on ‘Chat’ on the advisor’s profile and follow the instructions to sign up. Enter your user name, provide your email address and payment method and you are good to go. You can reach out to psychics any time for fortune telling 24/7 so you don’t have to wait till the weekday to contact them.

There’s an app!

What’s super great about Kasamba is that you can use it on the go via its app which is available on both Android and iPhone. Download them on your respective devices and you can get in touch with psychics any time of the day or night no matter where you are in the world.

Range of communication methods

One of the best things about Kasamba is that its best online psychics can be reached via a range of communication methods. This includes email, phone calls and live chats to name a few. Use their trial offer to determine if you are comfortable with those methods or which one you prefer. Be advised that some psychics do not offer all three.

Free minutes

Besides a range of reliable psychics, Kasamba also offers a great deal for new users that need a psychic reading online from best psychics. You can get 3 free minutes of a reading from any psychic when you sign up. This also includes a 70% discount. While you do have to upload a card to avail this deal, it will only be charged if you exceed the reading time.

⇒ Sign Up To Kasamba - 3 Free Minutes + 70% Off As A New Member!

2. Psychic Source — Safe And Secure Psychic Readings From The Best In The Business

Psychic Source has been around for ages and it shows. With over three decades of experience and dedication to customers looking for reliable psychic services and psychic reading, the portal has made quite a name for itself. The site is highly intuitive so you can find the psychic reading you are looking for easily and as quickly as you need it.

Here are some of the things that we loved about the online portal:

Range of payment methods

You can use a range of payment methods to pay for your psychic sessions or love readings. These includes credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Diner’s Club, along with PayPal, debit card and even gift cards. So you can get a dream analysis almost immediately. You need to upload a card on the site before you can avail the free minutes of a reading.

Variable charges

The average rate for a psychic reading such as spiritual readings on the website is between $0.66 and $1 per minute depending on the popularity of the psychic you choose. The price can also change according to the psychic service or method of communication you use (such as phone call, video chat or an online chat).

Don’t worry, even though some psychics are more expensive than others, the site offers price protection for loyal customers. That means if you use a particular psychic for long enough, you can avail the same price for as long as you remain loyal for psychic predictions. In case of Psychic Source, you need to get at least one reading from the same psychic every 30 days or so or 45 days if you opted for the Membership Rewards Program, to avail this.

Get 3 minutes of a reading free

What is really great about Psychic Source is that you can get 3 minutes of your first psychic predictions completely free of charge. Use it to make an informed decision about the service i.e. if you really want to use it or not.

New members are also offered $1 a minute for 10, 20 and 30 minute readings from a psychic reader. Be advised that price protection doesn’t apply to this offer and your card will be charged if you exceed the time offered. If you sign up for the Membership Rewards, you can also get bonus dollars depending on the number of readings you get or your total talk time for each month from a psychic reader.

Psychic readers are screened thoroughly

When a potential psychic reader applies on the website, the team at Psychic Source evaluates them strictly based on their reading capabilities, people skills and if they have the skills to maintain a profile on the site.

Candidates are asked to provide a 30 minute long video responding to a set of questions and then attend an interview. Once that is done, the psychic reader is invited to perform live psychic readings for the staff. If they pass, they are allowed to provide readings to the public.

However, the psychics are considered to be independent contractors giving psychic readings, not official ones that represent the company. The site handles all of the marketing, customer service, operations and technology so love psychics and more giving can focus on offering the best service possible to readers without worrying about particulars.

⇒ Sign Up To Psychic Source – Get 3 Free Minutes + 75% Off On Signup!

3. California Psychics — Find out What Destiny Has In Store for You from Trusted Psychics

California Psychics is an online psychic portal that is a platform for professional psychics in search of clients and clients who need a psychic reading. They also offer 24/7 customer service so their clients and psychics can get assistance as and when needed for a psychic reading. In other words, the site offers high quality services and also takes feedback into account to improve.

Here are just some of the things that really impressed us about California Psychics when it comes to psychic reader:

Varying and secure costs

California Psychics has a three-tier pricing structure so it is super affordable for anyone who is on a budget for a psychic reading. Rates can start from $1 and can go up to $8 per minute for a reading. The three tiers are called Popular, Preferred and Premium, but if you are unsure, you can try out the introductory offer of $1 to $2 per minute for a psychic online. This is a great welcome offer and once you click on it, you will be taken straight to the sign-in page for psychic reading online that will show you exactly what you are signing up for.

The portal also offers pre-paid calls or pay-per-message chats so you don’t accidentally pay for more minutes than you can afford for best online psychics and without making an upfront payment. When the deal is about to end, you can always end the call or add more credits to your account to get more time with your chosen psychic online. Rest assured, you will not be charged more than you paid for unless you allow it.

Honest testimonials for each psychic reading

What’s really great about California Psychic reviews is that they are honest – you will find both negative and positive reviews for each free psychic reading online so you can make an informed decision. People love to provide long reviews about their experiences so you will have a lot of content to go through. The time you spend on them will be worth it in the end. It is a testament to the brand’s authenticity. Customers who are happy with their experiences with best online psychics are usually the ones who leave detailed reviews.

Thousands of Psychics to Choose From

Since it has been around for decades, California Psychics has managed to amass a solid collection of experienced psychic reader who number in the thousands for free psychic reading online. This is great because it gives customers a wider range of psychic services and an immersive experience with a psychic reader. So if one psychic does not work for you, you can always switch to another. All of the psychics that give free psychic reading online undergo a strict screening method which is over a month long and spans a 4-step process.

That’s how serious the people behind California Psychics are when it comes to ensuring their clients have the best experience possible. The process is quite intensive even for a free psychic reading online. Two in every 100 psychic candidates are chosen every month. During the screening process, candidates or psychic reader hopefuls are asked to list details on their skills and experience, pass two evaluations and undergo a thorough background check. Once they clear everything for psychic reading online, they are asked to provide information on their profile and complete an online training program.

⇒ Sign up to California Psychics – Avail 5 free minutes using promo code "ADD5"

4. Keen Psychics — Find out Answers to Life’s Tough Questions from Experienced Psychics

Keen Psychics is an online psychic reading platform where users can find psychics that offer a range of spiritual services and psychic readings. Like the aforementioned psychic portals, Keen is also like a social media website that connects trained and experienced online psychic readers with people who need readings. The psychic advisors come from a range of backgrounds and offer their own brand of guidance depending on their experiences and the medium they prefer for psychic readings.

That’s why no two psychics for astrological readings and more are the same on the website which can be used by anyone in the world. The good news is that most communication is done primarily in English and via written messages such as a psychic love reading. The site has an extensive list of advisors so you may be able to find one who speaks your language. Some offer calls and some also offer type written messages.

Here are some more things that we liked about Keen:

Easy access

Keen is accessible across the globe and also 24/7 so you can easily get a reading any time you want or when you are going through an existential crisis. So rest assured that you will get access to a spiritual guide as and when you need one. If you are not in a rush and come across an offline psychic, you can always schedule psychic readings later by availing the callback feature.

More than 1500 psychics to choose from

Keen Psychics has a whopping 1500 psychics to choose from. With such a wide selection of advisors, you can surely find the perfect psychic for you for a free psychic reading. You won’t get overwhelmed either by these best psychics. Use the filters on the website to whittle down your choices till you find someone you can really click with on a personal level for psychic readings. Find psychics who are clairvoyants, can do cleansing rituals, numerology readings, tarot readings, angel card readings and more.

Complementary trial access

A lot of people are skeptical of psychic readings from best psychics and even seasoned believers can take time to get used to an online reading. What is great about Keen Psychics is that it offers a free trial for new users so they can see if the site is suitable for their needs or not. All you need to do is sign up to the service, upload a payment method and you will be allowed to use the 3 free minutes for any free psychic reading. Your card will only be charged if your reading exceeds that time.

Different price ranges

Keen works on a per-minute basis and each best psychics have their own prices based on their experience and the quality of their readings. Rates start from as low as $0.99 and can go up to $3.99 a minute for a reading.

No judgment

Keen does not offer a video call feature for free psychic reading which spells good news for anyone who are shy or don’t want to reveal their faces to a stranger. This means there is less judgment and the readings are also amicable. You will not get nervous this way either.

Over two decades of service

Keen has been going strong since 1999 so it is definitely doing SOMETHING right. With over two decades of experience in the online psychic industry, the company has managed to amass a huge clientele and a strong network of talented free psychics that has nothing but good things to say about them for free psychic reading. They have served literally millions of people across the globe and continue to do so in the years to come so you know you are going into a legit service for free psychic readings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The people at Keen take client requirements quite seriously for free psychic readings and try to take care of each issue as quickly as possible. This includes offering unsatisfied clients their money back either partially or in full. The maximum amount they can get is $25 from free psychics.

⇒ Sign Up For A Free Trial Readings With Keen

5. Mysticsense — Take off That Veil of Uncertainty with Help from Compassionate Psychics

Mysticsense is a psychic reading portal with online psychics that has a large selection of quite respectable reading types that members can choose from. The website is designed to aid users in filtering out psychics that provide the psychic reading online that they want to avail and the type of reading they are looking for.

There are tons of online psychics and reading types that you can avail so feel free to try as many out as you can before you find the perfect match. The duration of the sessions depends on you and what you can afford for them. You can also choose how you want your psychic sessions or psychic reading online to be conducted (via phone, chat etc) as per your comfort level.

Here are some other great things that jumped out at us for Mysticsense:

Wide range of psychic readings from online psychics

Mysticsense offers a wide range of free psychics readings depending on the information you are looking for. Filter them out in the search bar according to subject, expertise, tools and even reading style. The options range from your garden variety fortune tellers to mediums who can channel spirits.

Users can also find free psychics that offer multiple psychic readings and specializations. Filter your search so you don’t get overwhelmed. You can get trained and experienced free psychics who specialize in love, family, LGBTQ and other relationships and who can give free psychic reading online accordingly.

If you are interested in dabbling in this pastime, you will not be disappointed with a membership on Mysticsense for a free psychic reading. The psychics on there use different tools (such as tarot cards, angel cards, ruins etc) to give readings on different perspectives.

Varied pricing

The prices on Mysticsense are transparent and quite straightforward so you will never pay more than what is mentioned for a free psychic reading online. What you see is what you get on the website. There are no complicated pricing packages or tiers for free psychic readings on the website and no gimmicks that only offer brief benefits for a free psychic reading. You can go as low as $0.99/min for a reading or as much as $5 per minute depending on your budget and the popularity of the psychics you choose.

Don’t worry. Most of the psychic professionals on there have rates that rarely go above $3 after free psychic readings. The great thing is you get an amazing discount right out of the gate for a free psychic reading online – the first 5 minutes of a reading are free. You just need to add $10 to your account to avail it.

Unique Features

One of the main things that stand out in Mysticsense is the in-depth info on how users can avoid scams, something that other psychic portals that give a free psychic reading lack. Just visit the What is a Psychic Reading page and you will see a lot of tips that can help you avoid fraudulent psychics that give free psychic readings.

The fact that the people behind the site took the time to make this section for free psychic reading online should make you more confident in using it. You can also find articles that detail psychic abilities and give you access to your horoscope.

⇒ Sign Up To Mysticsense – Get The First 5 Minutes Of A Reading Free

Different Types of Psychic Readings You Can Get From Our Top 5 Psychic Portals (H3)

A trained and experienced psychic on the top 5 portals we will review, will offer a wide range of psychic reading types to ensure clients have a holistic experience. Some of the options include the following:

Tarot readings

Tarot readings are the most common psychic readings you can get from a psychic on one of these portals for career forecasts and more. They use a specially designed card deck that has different symbols and imagery to conduct a reading. Each of the images is based on folklore or a religious narrative from across the world. A tarot reading from live psychics can cover solutions to certain dilemmas that you have never thought of and they can also provide insight into your relationships, jobs, career, grades and more.


Palm reading may seem strange, but true and experienced palmists can read between those lines and see what your future holds for you. The significance of this practice can be found in history and in different civilizations which used it liberally to make important life decisions.

Numerology readings

Numerology is a psychic reading that involves the analysis of specific numbers. These can include your birth date, anniversary dates, exam dates, dates you gave job interviews on or any other digits that are significant to you that can work for phone psychic readings . It can even be the plate number of the Uber you used to get to work, the time you get up for work etc.


A psychic medium or psychic mediums are those who can get in sync with the spiritual entities that surround us such as angels, demons, spirits and more. These entities possess vast knowledge about the universe and the spirits of the dearly departed can also use these professionals as mediums to talk to their loved ones. Get guidance and information from lost friends and relatives via phone psychics or psychic readings.

Oracle Card Readings

Oracles have been popular for eons as messengers who can connect to the spirits of the dead and receive prophecies that have built civilizations and saved people from calamities. But, access to oracles was highly restricted. Modern oracles or chat psychics on the other hand, can be found online on these 5 psychic portals. These professional chat psychic readings use oracle cards to answer client queries.

Angel Card Readings

Contrary to popular belief, angel cards psychic readings are not the same as tarot cards and both readings are quite different. The latter focuses on the human aura i.e. the energy we give out to the cosmos. The latter psychic readings, on the other hand, is based on guidance provided by divine entities such as angels, saints, gurus who achieved enlightenment and more.

Aura Readings

Aura psychic readings from psychics are beneficial for anyone who is unsure about their life and how they influence others. It’s like a mirror that reflects thoughts and feelings you don’t realize you have. Negative people for instance, may have an unpleasant aura that pushes people away unintentionally, while positive-minded people may have a soothing one that attracts people to them.

This is far from an exhaustive list for free psychic readings. The psychic portals we have reviewed offer psychics that can give free psychic readings on a range of other disciplines. You can find those listed on their profiles or you can ask the psychics yourself during your first reading.

Be advised that popular free psychics may have different and higher rates than the standard rates that these websites ask for, but the psychic reading you get will be well worth the extra cash you will spend. Make an informed decision beforehand by going through the customer reviews of each psychic, both the good and the bad. The sites don’t alter or remove these so you know that you will not be duped into paying for an inexperienced psychic for free psychic readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Psychic Abilities Be Learned?

While these abilities and a strong intuition are available to all, not everyone can be a skilled psychic that can give free psychic readings. It takes years of practice to be one and even then, some fail. Most successful psychics, whether local or abroad, are those who have spiritual abilities as well or are proficient in using different psychic tools for a free psychic reading such as tarot cards and runes.

How Does an Online Psychic Work?

The internet doesn’t occupy a space as such or has a physical location to speak of. It is a collection of different energies, which makes free psychic readings or free psychic reading online over it possible.

Final Words

Use our in-depth review on the top 5 psychic portals to make an informed decision about your subscription. Don’t take our word for it. Try them out yourself first before signing up or paying for a membership for a free psychic reading.

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