How to Buy YouTube Views: Top 29 Websites to Buy Them From

Are you still trying to learn how to buy YouTube views? Check out this list of top 29 websites to get your YouTube boost rolling and answers to FAQs.
1:26 PM, Mar 24, 2023
1:28 PM, Mar 24, 2023

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In 2021 alone, YouTube’s generated total revenue was 28.8 billion dollars. As you would imagine, many, including you, would unquestionably jump onto the bandwagon and take advantage of such a lucrative endeavor.

However, getting even a tiny slice of the pie can be daunting, especially for those who have yet to understand YouTube’s inner workings.

First, you’ll need a significant number of views on your videos, and the key to successfully accumulating such is acquiring enough subscribers. You might also wonder, "Can you buy views on YouTube?" and "Is it possible to buy YouTube subscribers?"

Read ahead to find out how to buy YouTube views and more.

Top 29 Websites for Buying YouTube Subscribers

Now that you understand how to buy YouTube views, we'll give you a list of reputable sources. While most of them are more or less the same, the subtle differences become more apparent as you look at each more closely.

Stormviews guarantees that you only buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers that are 100 percent real, no bots.

This supplier boasts top-quality service, instant delivery, and 24/7 customer support. You can expect to get the required traffic for your channel with its services.

Another feature of Stormviews is its easy-to-follow purchasing process. All you have to do is fill up a few forms and choose from various payment options.

In little to no time, bring your YouTube channel into the limelight and boost your online presence.

We like that Stormviews does not require its customers to surrender their YouTube passwords to use its services. They offer high-quality and premium services for views, subscribers, and likes.

The only difference between high-quality and premium is that the latter maintains a higher retention rate. With highly competitive prices, Stormviews offers the following packages:

  • Views

High-quality views from this provider are available in increments between 500 and 250,000. On the other hand, you can get as little as 500 or as many as 50,000 premium views from a single purchase.

  • Subscribers

If you want to buy YouTube subscribers, you can acquire as many as 1,000 high-quality or premium subscribers. The minimum you can purchase is 50 high-quality or 100 premium subscribers.

  • Likes

Suppose you don’t want to buy views on YouTube and prefer to increase your videos’ likes instead. You can purchase 50 to 1,000 high-quality or 100 to 5,000 premium likes.

If you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, is another social media service provider that functions much like Stormviews. It has a customer service department you can trust and ensures fast delivery of all its services.

Like Stormviews, never uses fake accounts or bots to deliver its services. Instead, it employs a diverse pool of high-quality accounts held by real people. guarantees results and increased engagement on your account so you can grow your profile organically. Instead of surrendering your account password, lets you create a personal account on their website.

This account, in turn, links to your social media platform so that it can deliver its services right where you want it to.

Reach out to now to learn about its YouTube service packages and pricing.

  • Other Services offers its services primarily for Instagram. You can get Instagram followers, likes, and views using its database.


While other suppliers focus solely on YouTube services, others provide a wide range of services for multiple social media platforms. One such supplier is Stormlikes.

With this source, you can work your way to the top of social media fame by exploiting its services across different platforms.

Since our focus is YouTube, you can use this website to get YouTube subscribers and buy YouTube likes and views. Compared to many providers, Stormlikes is one of the few places where you can also purchase YouTube video comments and dislikes.

Moreover, it offers options for location-specific targeted engagements.

  • Views

ProGotop’s YouTube packages range from 500 to 100,000 views. However, the website tones each set down to page visits instead of complete video views from beginning to end.
Target locations in the Americas include the USA, Canada, and Jamaica, while those in Europe include the UK and Ireland. You can also purchase targeted views from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

  • Subscribers

If you need subscribers, you can choose from 100 to 2,000 accounts. The website offers subscriber services from the same locations as their YouTube views packages.

  • Likes and Dislikes

Suppose YouTube likes are all you need to boost a particular video's engagement rate. In some cases, you might also want to add some dislikes to balance a video’s rankings and make its engagement ratings balanced and more authentic.
ProGotop offers packages comprising 200 to 10,000 likes or dislikes.

  • Comments

Do you need to boost the activity around your videos with comments? WithStormlikes, you can add as few as 10 or as many as 100 comments to a single video.

  • Other Services

Maximizing your social media efforts means having a presence on other social media platforms. WithStormlikes, you can also access similar services for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Spotify, and Twitch.

4. SocialBoss

If you’re looking for a social media service provider that offers 100 percent risk-free and affordable packages, check out SocialBoss. Its easy-to-use interface lets you get your desired online engagement packages from a single source.

  • Views

This supplier offers YouTube packages between 500 and 100,000 views that are entirely safe and real—no need to worry about getting your account flagged. As soon as you publish your video, you’ll receive your order gradually for engagements to appear more organic.

  • Geo-Targeted Views

Using SocialBoss’ geo-targeted views, you can get groups of audiences from multiple specific locations. If you’re running a business with localized products and services, geo-targeted views can be very beneficial.

  • Live Stream Views

Suppose you like streaming live. If you need a boost of viewers to attract a larger audience, SocialBoss also has exactly what you need.
Live stream views are available in increments of 500 to 25,000 viewers. Of course, SocialBoss only delivers 30 to 50 new views every minute to prevent your account from looking suspicious.

  • Subscribers

You don’t have to wait for your viewers to turn into subscribers, as SocialBoss can give you the subscribers you need. Choose from 50 to 5,000 subscribers who will join your network organically.

  • Other Services

We like that SocialBoss offers so much more for your YouTube account.
You can get them to boost your profile with random and custom-tailored comments and comment likes. You’ll also gain access to YouTube video likes, dislikes, and shares.

LikeStormlikes, SocialBoss is your one-stop shop for social media growth. Its only advantage is that it offers services for a broader range of social media platforms.

If you’re on several other social media platforms, don’t forget to check out SocialBoss’ complete service list.

5. SMMTribe

When vlogging and uploading videos at an enormous pace, you might not have the time to browse through various pages of service packages. In that case, choose SMMTribe if you want to compare several YouTube services without jumping from several browser pages.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, log in, and choose a payment option that works best for you. Its services page provides a long list of options for your social media marketing requirements.

The only thing we don’t like about SMMTribe is that its interface needs significant improvement to seem more enticing.

  • Guaranteed YouTube Views

SMMTribe’s views packages include ads, targeted, high retention, monetized, and live stream views. It also offers Discovery Ads views and WatchTime Booster packages.
The minimum order is 100 views, while the maximum order depends on the type of package you choose.

  • Subscribers

If you need to buy subscribers YouTube, SMMTribe offers three non-targeted and two targeted packages. Subscriptions to your account occur gradually, with as few as 100 and as many as 500 subscribers per day.
However, its targeted subscribers only come from Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, and Morocco.

  • Comments Services

This provider has a wide range of comments services to offer for YouTube. You can choose either random or custom comments and acquire targeted comments from different locations across Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.

  • Likes and Shares

Other YouTube services include random and targeted likes, auto-shares, referrer-specific shares, targeted shares, and social shares.

6. Lowcost SMM

Lowcost SMM has a long list of services for Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, and YouTube. They offer views, subscribers, followers, and reactions for each social media platform.

While SMMTribe can cover more platforms with its services, Lowcost SMM has a good interface.

However, we don’t like that Lowcost SMM is a source for YouTube bots. You'll be fine if you steer clear of these bot packages.

At Lowcost SMM, YouTube Views packages come in four tiers: low-quality accounts, good-quality accounts, high-quality accounts, and 100% real views.

  • Low-Quality Views

Low-quality packages are really cheap from this provider. However, the minimum package size is 1,000 views.
These views come relatively slowly, and Lowcost SMM does not offer a warranty for such packages. Also, the maximum package size is 10,000 views.

Nevertheless, Lowcost SMM guarantees that all engagements are 100% safe and confidential.

  • Good-Quality Views

If you opt for good-quality accounts, the smallest package is 100 views.
Views come at an average speed, and the package includes a 30-day warranty. You can obtain up to 100,000 views with these packages.

  • High-Quality Views

High-quality accounts also view your video at an average speed, and Lowcost SMM provides a 30-day warranty for such packages. However, while you can get as many as 100,000 views, starter packs can only go as low as 1,000 views.

  • 100% Real Views

If you need your video views to come at a faster pace, you’re better off choosing from any of the 100% real views packages. These packages come with a 90-day warranty and a quick zero-to-three-hour launch.
You can get as few as 100 or as many as 1,000,000 views from real people with authentic accounts.

7. Marketing Heaven

If you are a US-based vlogger looking to expand your social media reach, you can always get your soc-med marketing services from a local supplier.

Marketing Heaven is a US-based provider that guarantees 100% legitimacy and safety with its packages. While they operate locally, they boast services that extend beyond the US borders.

Their services include international and country-targeted packages. Either way, your videos will get real human viewers across multiple sources, platforms, and devices.

These packages are entirely confidential and safe for your account. You’ll even gain access to 24/7 support.

  • International Views

Marketing Heaven’s international views packages provide the YouTube marketing industry’s highest quality views. These packages are more affordable than their country-targeted counterparts, and the views accumulate much faster.

  • Country-Targeted Views

While country-targeted views come at a slower speed, they can help you expand your reach to specific locations.

8. BoostMeUp

At BoostMeUp, you can purchase YouTube subscribers, views, video likes, and comments. While YouTube subscribers are available in increments of 100 or 250, views come in packages of 500 and 1,000.

BoostMeUp boasts only high-quality subscribers and views with guaranteed instant delivery and drop protection.

BoostMeUp offers 100 or 250 instant likes for any video of your choice if you need video likes. On the other hand, video comments are available in increments of 25 or 50.

  • Other Services

If you’re also on other social media platforms, BoostMeUp has special offerings for Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. Services for Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are also available.


At SocialPros, you can trust that only social media experts help you reach your full potential. They offer plenty of services for several social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

  • YouTube Engagement Services

YouTube packages include subscribers, likes, comments, and views. Like Stormviews, SocialPros lets you choose between high-quality and premium packages.
If you’re only here to boost your videos with views from real people, SocialPros offers between 500 and 100,000 views. However, if you need subscribers, SocialPros can provide as few as 50 or as many as 500 subscribers at a reasonable price.

Finally, likes are available in packs of 100 to 5,000, and your videos can get 10 to 250 comments.

  • Other Services

If you’re on Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch, or Clubhouse, SocialPros has similar packages for such social media platforms.


When you purchase YouTube views from, they come cheap with a lifetime warranty. Delivery starts within two hours, and services are 100% secure and discreet.

  • Views

You can choose from three package types: Normal Views, High-Retention WatchTime, and 100% English Views. That said, is more of a social media haven for YouTube users residing in the UK.
Packages are available in sizes as few as 250 or as many as 50,000 views. However, if you choose the English-only option, you can only get as many as 10,000 views.

  • Subscribers

YouTube subscriber packages include cheap subscribers, real subscribers, and USA subscribers. You can purchase at least 50 subscribers or get as many as 1,000 in one go.

  • Likes’s likes packages include high-quality likes and premium USA likes. You can try the packages for as little as 25 likes or go all out and get 5,000 likes.

  • Other Services

You can avail of’s services for Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter.


With’s YouTube services, you can enjoy guaranteed delivery of results that start in 24 to 72 hours. Results keep appearing until your acquired package is complete, and you can rest assured that all services are 100% safe and private.

The good thing with is that it offers a refill guarantee. In cases where the ordered amount drops after successful delivery, offers a refill free of charge.

All you have to do is contact its 24/7 support service.

  • Views YouTube views packages start at 1,000 views, and the largest pack you can get is 100,000 views. You can also purchase YouTube WatchHours in packs of 500, 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 hours.
These packages can help your video reach the lower monetizing limit of 4,000 watch hours.

  • Other Services

Other packages offered by include YouTube subscribers, likes, comments, video shares, and video embeds.

12. amediaSOCIAL

At amediaSOCIAL, you can purchase YouTube views, viewing hours, subscribers, comments, likes, and dislikes.

One thing unique about this provider is that you can create your own mix of services to purchase. Choose the number of views, specify geo-localization, add shareable likes, and include subscribers, all in one purchase.

  • Other Services

While amediaSOCIAL’s services focus on video streaming apps like YouTube and TikTok, you’ll also find services for other social networks. These platforms include some of the most popular ones, like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Spotify.

13. dit.Asia

The social media provider dit.Asia claims to be the cheapest YouTube service provider on the web. However, it is a place where you can only purchase views for YouTube. It does not provide subscribers, likes, and comments.

This provider’s packages include 20,000 to 80,000 views.

  • Other Services

The dit.Asia website also offers Twitter followers, Instagram followers, and Facebook likes. If you’re on these social media platforms, check out what dit.Asia has to offer.

14. SocialWick

SocialWick can help you boost organic growth on your YouTube account by providing the best YouTube views on the market.

While its services come fast, they always appear naturally.

  • YouTube Engagement Services

Views are 100% confidential, and you can expect a 30-day refill with your purchase.
SocialWick’s platform enables users to purchase YouTube views in increments of 1,000. Views packages include Watch Time Hours, Live Stream Views, and Premiere Waiting Views.

SocialWick offers subscribers, likes, dislikes, shares, and comments if you're looking for other YouTube packages.

  • Other Services

You don’t have to jump ship as you shift to different social media platforms. This provider offers many services for other networks, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Pinterest.

15. Famoid

With a Famoid account, you can buy YouTube views and subscribers.

  • YouTube Engagement Services

Famoid YouTube views packages contain only real views while considering the viewing of Ads. These packages include sets of 1,000 to 500,000 views.
Aside from views, Famoid offers subscribers in packs of 100 to 1,000.

  • Other Services

While other providers encompass many social media platforms and networks, Famoid focuses on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok services.

16. SidesMedia

SidesMedia guarantees the safe and secure delivery of authentic, high-quality views to its customers. It even provides refills for up to 30 days.

Select from several packages, including the 1,000 minimum, or go big with 100,000 views. You can also purchase Live Views, Watch Hours, subscribers, likes, and comments for your YouTube account.

  • Other Services

SidesMedia is another provider of services for the most popular social media networks. They offer packages for at least 20 other social platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

17. Websolutionsz

Unlike many social media service providers, Websolutionsz focuses primarily on user packages for YouTube. These services enable you to purchase YouTube views, subscribers, comments, and likes.

  • YouTube Engagement Services

You can buy as little as 1,000 views or increase the limit up to 5,000,000 views for one purchase.
While you’re at it, Websolutionsz has drop-down boxes that allow you to incorporate video likes and comments into your purchase. YouTube subscribers are available between packages of 100 to 7,500.

If you’re only here to buy YouTube video likes, you can choose between sets of 100 to 10,000.

  • Other Services

As its name suggests, Websolutionsz also offers services for online business startups. You can get them to begin the web design process for your business or create an app for your services.

18. Viewsta

Viewsta has a user interface like no other; you can get the services you need in one place without browsing countless pages.

  • YouTube Services

For YouTube, the provider offers high-retention views, views for shorts, premium SEO views, and stable views. You can also choose high-retention YouTube SEO views for keyword ranking, Google AdWords views, Live Stream views, and YouTube Add-to-Favorites.
Of course, its YouTube services do not end there. You can purchase subscribers, comments, likes, and dislikes from the same page on your screen.

  • Other Services

If you sign up for a Viewsta account, you’ll also gain access to services for TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and many other social platforms.

19. YT Insta Views

YT Insta Views increases your chances of skyrocketing your YouTube channel with its online marketing platform services.

  • YouTube Services

Its database is a pot of gold for various YouTube viewership packages, including fast views, slow views, Watch Hours, and high-retention views. You can also get Shorts Views, comments, and subscribers via real promotions.

  • Other Services

While YT Insta Views started with services focused primarily on YouTube, it now serves accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

20. LikesGeek

LikesGeek is another social media service provider very similar to Stormviews. Their packages only use high-quality and premium accounts.

  • YouTube Services

With two different available accounts, you can increase your YouTube account’s engagements through views, comments, likes, and subscribers. For packages, you can choose from as little as 500 or as many as 1,000,000 views.

  • Other Services

LikesGeek has also expanded its services to include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and SoundCloud packages.

22. FreewaySocial also claims to be one of the most reliable places to buy YouTube views.

Their views packages start at 1,500 views, but you can get as many as 100,000 views in a single purchase.

If you want other YouTube services, can also provide you with the subscribers, comments, and likes that your account sorely needs.

You can also boost your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, and TikTok accounts with’s services.

22. FreewaySocial

FreewaySocial can grow your YouTube video views using only the latest marketing techniques.

They offer a 100% guarantee that your account will get only organic views. They don't use fake views or views from bots to ensure your account’s safety.

Of course, FreewaySocial also provides YouTube subscribers, comments, and likes, so you can get everything in one place as needed. They also offer similar services for other social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitch, among many others.

23. Authenticviews

Another website that focuses solely on YouTube growth services is Authenticviews. They ensure views with high-retention rates and even send likes to linked videos at no additional cost.

YouTube video views are available in increments of 2,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, and 100,000.

Since Authenticviews only offers services for YouTube, other products include likes, subscribers, comments, and video shares.

24. YouTubeServices

At, the purchasing process is pretty straightforward. You can purchase YouTube views, subscribers, likes, comments, Watch Time Hours, and Live Stream Views.

Whatever service you choose, this website only asks for the video link, order quantity in increments of 1,000, and geo-targeting option.

As its name suggests, this provider only has services for YouTube. Nevertheless, it is a place where you can buy YouTube comment likes, social shares, and add-to favorites.

25. PopularityBazaar

At PopularityBazaar, you can use your PayPal account to purchase cheap YouTube views. Delivery starts within a few hours, and the company only uses real human viewers.

YouTube views are available in packages containing between 100 and 50,000 views. In addition, PopularityBazaar offers likes, subscribers, comments, shorts likes, shorts views, and Watch Time packages.

Based on the image above, PopularityBazaar also has services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch, LinkedIn, and a few other platforms.

26. YTBuyViews

YTBuyViews is another excellent platform for YouTube video promotions and marketing. They offer authentic YouTube viewership with affordable pricing.

This provider guarantees safety and complete support accompanied by a money-back guarantee. You can use this platform to purchase YouTube views, subscribers, comments, likes, shorts views, shares, and Watch Hours.

While the platform carries the YouTube acronym in its name, it also offers services for another social network: Instagram.


Many YouTube content feature music videos with the primary goal of entertaining viewers. seeks to provide up-and-coming music producers with the services they need to increase the viewership of their productions. You can use the service to purchase at least 1,000 or, at most, 1,000,000 YouTube views to boost your video’s popularity.

Aside from YouTube views, you can use the service to gain subscribers, likes, and comments for your videos.

Since focuses on music, its other services cater to SoundCloud and Spotify users.

28. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is like Viewsta. Their service offerings cover many social media platforms, including YouTube. Their YouTube services include views, likes, subscribers, favorites, shares, Watch Hours, dislikes, and comments.

Their view packages are available from 1,000 to 1,000,000 sets, depending on the type of views.

With a GetAFollower account, you can also improve the engagement of your profiles on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify.

29. Managergram

While initially focused on Instagram services, Managergram is another social media service provider like Stormviews. You can purchase 1,000 to 100,000 views for very low prices.

This website also offers a YouTube Growth Plan that includes a pack of views, subscribers, shorts views, comments, likes, and Watch Time.

Aside from Instagram and YouTube, Managergram also offers services for TikTok, Twitch, SoundCloud, and Facebook, among others.

Can You Buy Views on YouTube?

If this was the exact question, we could tell you now that YouTube does not sell views for your videos on their platform. What you can do is go to a supplier of views, likes, shares, or subscribers.

These suppliers are usually third-party websites offering their social media management and boosting services.

You can purchase their product packages, which usually contain a number of views, likes, shares, or subscribers for your YouTube account. Some suppliers will even allow you to specify the amount you need to fit your requirements and budget.

While there are plenty of suppliers online, the trick is to buy real YouTube views. Real YouTube views are those from genuine subscribers, meaning they are real people.

What Happens When You Buy Real YouTube Views?

When you get YouTube subscribers who are real people, you also buy real YouTube views.

With real YouTube views, your profile will appear more authentic. It does a lot to magnify and improve your account’s social credibility.

In other words, your channel and the videos contained within appear more trustworthy and reputable. The most important perk of having real YouTube views is organically gaining more subscribers for your channel.

How to Buy YouTube Views

As we have mentioned, you can purchase YouTube views from third-party suppliers. The only rule you must remember is to choose reliable sources, which we shall discuss in detail in the next section.

To completely grasp the meaning of this rule, understanding how YouTube ranks your profile is also essential.

How YouTube Ranks Views

YouTube’s algorithm includes checking for viewers’ locations and engagement quality. For example, a US-based YouTube account whose viewers and engagements are predominantly from China quickly raises some red flags.

The platform also checks that the user profiles of viewers and subscribers belong to an account’s target demographic. Simply put, your views and engagements only make sense if you and your viewers or subscribers have aligned interests.

This way, YouTube senses only organic and targeted views and engagements on your account. On the other hand, if most of your views are untargeted, YouTube might conclude incorrect titling or, much worse, inorganic growth.

What to Look for When Buying Views or Subscribers

Before purchasing YouTube views (even when you buy YouTube likes or get YouTube subscribers) from suppliers, you must know what to look for. Consider the following criteria:

  • Guarantee of Authenticity

A crucial thing to look for is a guarantee of authentic engagements. That is, acquiring the services of actual human beings with real functioning YouTube accounts instead of those controlled by bots.
With real people providing you with the needed services, you have better chances of getting authentic engagements and organic retention.

Beware of suppliers and sources that extensively use bots to inflate your video views, as they equate to little or nothing when proving those numbers. Views from bots will not help your videos rank on a results page and could even degrade your ranking chances.

  • Audience Targeting

Another thing to look out for when scouting for suppliers of YouTube views and engagements is the capability to provide targeted views. With targeted views, your account can reach the right demographic and reduce or even eliminate the bounce rate of your videos.

  • Active Viewers

Of course, what’s the point of buying YouTube subscribers if they’re not even active on YouTube?

They could add towards a sizeable subscriber count, but they won’t help increase the watch time of your videos. Also, if your subscribers are active on the platform, it does much to signify the authenticity of their views.

In the broad sense, your videos and their growing popularity also become more credible.

Which Is the Best Website for Buying YouTube Views?

If your sole purpose is to gain a foothold on YouTube, Stormviews is more than enough to keep your account’s engagement rate constantly increasing.

Nevertheless, you might want to diversify your reach through other social media platforms. In that case, sites like can give you the multilateral traction you need.

Once you have acquired substantial views and subscribers on YouTube, check out this handy guide on monetizing your YouTube account.

If, in the end, you still find YouTube a bit too complicated, you might want to shift your efforts to making money on TikTok.

Buying YouTube Subscribers and Views: FAQs

Now that you know how to purchase YT views and other engagement, as well as where to buy them from, here are answers to FAQs to give you more information:

1. Why do people buy YouTube subscribers?

YouTube users buy subscribers on YouTube to improve or enhance their profile’s social credibility. As long as purchased subscribers are real people and active YouTube users, they can help make a YouTube channel more reputable and trustworthy.

With the increase in credibility, authenticity from organic, unpaid subscribers builds up naturally.

2. How can you tell if someone is buying subscribers?

An easy way to identify paid subscribers is to look for video comments that are unrelated or do not make sense.

With real, highly engaged people as subscribers, comments sound more natural and seem more appropriate to the topic. Another sign that gives away the authenticity of subscribers is an extremely low views-to-subscriber count ratio.

3. Can you get in trouble for buying views on YouTube?

YouTube has not entirely banned the practice of purchasing views. It all depends on the source and quality of such purchased services.

As long as you’re sure you’re buying legitimate views from real people, you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. However, if you end up buying inauthentic views generated by bot accounts, you risk subjecting your account to sanctions from YouTube.

4. How much does it cost to buy subscribers?

With all the competing providers of legitimate YouTube services, subscribers are relatively cheap nowadays. On average, each subscriber costs as little as 20 cents, and the price drops the more subscribers you get in a single purchase.

5. Does more subscribers mean more money?

Yes and no. YouTube does not pay its users based on their number of subscribers. The primary revenue source for YouTubers is ad viewership.

Nevertheless, the more subscribers you have, the more viewers and chances your videos accumulate watch time hours.

You increase ad viewership with more watch time hours, thereby increasing revenue. However, having many subscribers may not amount to much if they skip most ads.

6. Why did YouTube take away my views?

In countless situations, YouTube rescinds a view count from a video and replaces it with a different, corrected number for any of the following reasons:

Many viewers access a video for less than 10 seconds and jump to another page. To make the views count more accurate, YouTube discounts such views from the total view count.

Views repetitively and consistently coming from the same IP address indicate manipulation and suspicious activities. The platform purges the count from such recurrences.

Most of the views of a video come from viewers using much older versions of web browsers.

An account has been inactive for a relatively long period.

7. How long counts as a view on YouTube?

Each view of a YouTube video requires, at the very least, 30 seconds of accumulated playtime over a single visit to the page. This counter refreshes every time you load the page.

You can watch your own YouTube video for at least 30 seconds and notice how YouTube counts each time as a view.

However, YouTube will count replays as views only if they seem natural. YouTube can tag you for spamming for constantly refreshing the page to up the count artificially.

8. Why did my YouTube subscribers suddenly drop?

Your subscriber count can suddenly drop due to any of the following:

  • A large number of users are unsubscribing
  • Many of your subscribers have been inactive for an extended period.
  • YouTube has just suspended a large number of your subscribers.
  • The platform has identified multiple spam accounts as your subscribers.

9. What are spam subscribers on YouTube?

Google’s YouTube Help Section describes spam subscribers as those acquired artificially, such as the ones obtained from a third-party service. Nevertheless, many purchased social media growth services can provide you with the organic growth you need.

For this reason, YouTube does not entirely condemn the use of purchased services. The trick is to ensure that only real people with genuine YouTube accounts drive the traffic and engagements your profile requires.

10. Which is better, subscribers or views?

If you check the most popular videos on YouTube, you will find that subscriber count does not necessarily equate to the view count. In fact, the view count is much, much higher than the subscriber count.

Well, if you’re thinking about revenue, views are better than subscribers since ad viewership is higher with more views. However, more YouTube subscribers also mean more views, which is why both are integral for growth on YouTube.

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