Wrongful death suit planned in Border Patrol shooting

Family of slain woman hires attorney

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Flowers, candles, and balloons have been placed on a curbside in Chula Vista as a tribute to Munique Tachiquin, who died in the street when after a Border Patrol agent emptied his pistol through the windshield of her car last week.

Authrotieis said agents had gone to a nearby apartment looking for a fugitive. As she left, an armed agent who tried to stop her wound up on the hood of her car, and then a moment later, she was dead.

Authorities said Tachiquin was on probation for a 2011 drug offense -- information her father called a slap in the face.

An incensed Valentin Tachiquin told 10News, "They're dragging the memory, the name of my daughter … they're making her look like she is guilty for being there."

Munique Tachiquin's brother, Antonio, an Army reservist about to be deployed to Afghanistan spoke of the pain, saying, "It just broke our hearts."

Tachiquin's husband, Gilbert Alvarado added, "Nothing matters but the facts and that's all we want to know, please."

The family has hired an attorney with plans to file a lawsuit against the Border Patrol.    

The family's attorney, Eugene Iredale, said facts in the case are murky and witnesses saw the shooting differently.

One witness told 10News the agent who opened fire "jumped on the hood" of Tachiquin's car.

Another witness said, "He was standing there firing, walking toward her, firing; started walking … boom, boom, boom, boom."

Iredale said he's filing a claim with the federal government, setting the wheels in motion to file a lawsuit six months later.

"With the car backing away and the officer not standing still but going forward and shooting, would he have been doing that because he was in fear of death or serious bodily injury or because we had cowboy tactics? On the face of it, you have an unarmed woman being shot with nine bullet wounds in her body and her criminal record consists of one misdemeanor for which she received unsupervised probation," said Iredale.

The Chula Vista Police Department has not filed any charges as the investigation continues.

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