Woman Who Stood On Corner In Bikini Reunited With Missing Dog

Arlene Corona Stood On La Jolla Street Corner In A Bikini To Find Missing Chihuahua Chispita

A local woman who stood at a La Jolla street corner in a bikini in an effort to bring attention to her missing dog was reunited with the Chihuahua on Tuesday.

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Inside Edition was there when Arlene Corona was reunited with her Chihuahua, Chispita.

"Those were the worst two weeks of my life," Corona told 10News.

Corona said she had been sick with guilt since the moment she let Chispita slip away after taking the dog outside to relieve itself on the Nov. 16. She said she believes Chispita may have been taken in by someone in her neighborhood.

"That's when I started knocking door-to-door," Corona explained. "I did the pet Amber Alert and then I even called in a pet psychic, and she couldn't help me but all she could say was, 'Stay positive, a girl has her, appeal to her emotions.'"

For six days last week, Corona donned high heels and a bikini at the corner of La Jolla Village Drive and Genesee Avenue, waving signs and hoping someone would recognize and return her dog.

"I was just like it's a win-win situation because the girl would probably see me on her way to wherever she was going," Corona said. "And then I'll get news coverage to raise awareness."

Corona's stunt received national attention and it just might have worked.

Corona told 10News a school nurse had the dog.

"Students were telling her, 'That girl is still outside, you need to bring the dog back' because everybody knew she had her because she was taking her to school."

Then, a student's mom called Corona's mom, which lead to the reunion.

Corona said she didn't realize how dangerous her bold attempt might be.

"This one guy in particular just wouldn't leave me alone and he kept trying to meet with me," Corona said.

According to Corona, the man told her she had to let him perform sexual acts on her if she wanted to see her dog again.

"He was just saying disgusting things and then sent me a picture of his private parts," Corona said.

She cut off communication immediately, only to start receiving text messages from another number, which said her dog was in danger, so she should rush over.

"He was saying that my dog was getting beat, and he was sure it was my dog. I called back and it was the same voicemail from the first guy that was harassing me," said Corona.

Since the man did not break any laws, authorities can't arrest him and she can't file a restraining order since she doesn't know who it is.

Despite the dangers, Corona she said it was worth it to get her best friend back in her arms.

"It's amazing to have her back. I just will never let this happen again," Corona told 10News.

She hopes her dog's new microchip is one more way to be sure of it.

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