Woman Who Claims Husband Raped Her Speaks On Verdict

Crystal Harris Says Jury Did Not Completely Believe Her Side Of The Story

A man accused of sexually assaulting his wife will not have to stand trial again, 10News reported.

Shawn Harris is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 5 after he was convicted last Friday of forcible oral copulation against his wife, Crystal. Jurors deadlocked on the two other charges, including forcible rape.

While she was disappointed with the district attorney's decision not to re-try her husband, Crystal Harris told 10News she feels relieved.

"I mean, I can finally sleep without having to have one eye open," said Harris.

Harris spoke to 10News Monday and said she feels the jury did not completely believe her husband's story or her own.

"There should be no shame if you are the victim of a crime like this," said Harris.

In court, she testified her husband had raped her and said the attack was the culmination of abuse that started months before.

"He had choked me. He had been threatening me. And he had, prior to that, for months he had been threatening to kill me," said Harris.

For her own protection, she said she set up a tape recorder to record the threats. However, one of the recordings was the actual rape, Harris added.

In the recording, Harris is heard telling her husband, "I don't care about anything either. I just want to be free. It's not fair right now. You're scaring me every day."

While too graphic for 10News to broadcast in its entirety, jurors who listened to the 50-minute recording did not believe the defense's story that the sex was part of role-playing. But the jury did not completely buy into Crystal Harris' story as well.

"There were inconsistencies in their stories. Some things are just not plausible," said juror Lisa Yumi Mitchell.

"You cannot explain the way some things sound. They just are what they are, and that's what the truth is in my case," said Harris.

Experts said spousal rape is hard to prove because of the "he said, she said" nature of the testimony. Harris said it's because very few people are familiar with spousal rape.

"This is one of those crimes that I don't ever hear talked about in the media or in our culture," said Harris.

Harris said she is working with Assemblyman Marty Garrick on legislation to help spousal rape victims.

Harris told 10News she fears for her safety and got a criminal restraining order and other items to protect herself.

"I've got a concealed weapons permit. I carry around a gun at all times. When I'm in the house, I walk around with a Taser," said Harris.

Shawn Harris faces up to eight years in prison for his conviction.