Woman Sues Breeder Over Dog's Documentation

Woman's Dog Not Registered With American Kennel Club

A woman has sued a breeder and won, after she didn't get the dog she thought she was going to get.

Bianca, who asked 10News to not use her last name, but she said she did not get what she paid for.

She said she bought a dog she named Torrey, a so-called "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" for $2,000. When she found out the dog was not registered with the American Kennel Club, she wanted to know why.

"I didn't suspect a problem," said Bianca. "I signed a contract."

When Bianca could not get answers, she took the breeder, Jillian Marsh, to court. The judge sided in favor of Bianca.

Marsh told 10News she wasn't available for an interview but claimed the mother and father of the dog are AKC registered.

However, a letter from the AKC said the organization did not receive the documentation required for Torrey.

The AKC said buyers should make sure they have the correct paperwork before they pick up their dogs.

Bianca said she loves her dog and plans to keep her even though the dog has already had several surgeries and stomach problems.

Marsh said she plans to appeal, but Bianca said Marsh has already missed the deadline and just wants her money back.