Woman Searches For Couple Who Saved Her Life

Judith Mack Went Into Cardiac Arrest At College Grove Walmart

A Normal Heights woman is searching for a mysterious couple that saved her life.

Judith Mack, 51, was shopping at the Walmart in College Grove when she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped beating for 20 minutes.

An unknown couple saw Mack collapse and one of them began performing CPR to revive her. The other person called 911.

Mack was taken to the Sharp Grossmont Hospital, where doctors revived her. During the past week, Mack has been in and out of hospitals and had a defibrillator implanted in her chest.

Mack and her mother Lucille Jenkins are hoping they can meet Mack's anonymous saviors.

"I just want to tell them thank you," said Mack. "I can see another day."

Jenkins told 10News her 45-year-old son died from cardiac arrest three years ago. She almost lost her daughter under similar circumstances but thanks to a heroic mystery couple, her daughter lives.

"She's just a miracle," said Jenkins. "The doctors are calling her 'the miracle.'"

Jenkins added, "I can't think of a greater gift to give somebody – than to give them back their life – and they did that."

Jenkins believes her daughter is alive because of fate and is eternally grateful to the mystery CPR heroes.

"There was a reason why Judith was there," she said. "There was a reason why [the couple] was there. Maybe there is no answer to it other than it was written. That's the way it needed to be."

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