Woman Pulled Over By Fake Officer Speaks Out

Sparkle Anderson Says She Was Pulled Over Near Orange, Max Avenues In Chula Vista

One of the two women pulled over by a man posing as a police officer in Chula Vista spoke only to 10News on Friday.

Sparkle Anderson told 10News she is counting her lucky stars.

"I could've been kidnapped," said Anderson. "He could've put me in the car because I believed it was a real officer."

Anderson said she was pulled over by a man posing as a police officer near Orange and Max Avenues.

"He's like, 'You ran a red light and you almost hit me.' I'm like, 'Really?'" she said. "[He] pulled up to side of me and I was talking out of my car to his car."

She said that allowed her to get a good look at the car's passenger side door.

"It just said, 'America's Funeral Services,'" said Anderson.

10News learned the car driven by the man who pulled Anderson over was registered to Kevin Kenniston, a convicted felon who has been in and out of state prison 17 times.

Kenniston owns California Funeral Escorts and is now under investigation for possibly posing as a police officer but is not considered a suspect at this point.

Anderson said shortly after she was pulled over, a Chula Vista police officer happened to be driving nearby.

"Right after that, he left," she said.

10News obtained police search warrants from Kevin Kenniston's Chula Vista home. The warrants detailed a list of items seized by police, which include police-style uniforms, silver badges, gun parts, rifles, handcuffs, passports and a police baseball cap.

The warrants also revealed that "Kenniston... had a previous arrest and conviction for impersonating a law enforcement officer and false imprisonment."

Also, according to the warrants, when the other woman was pulled over, she "asked him for his name, to which he replied, 'Kevin.' Shortly thereafter, he terminated his contact with the woman."

Police showed that woman Kenniston's picture among others and "immediately, upon showing the lineup, she selected Kenniston's photograph," according to the warrants.

Anderson said she's just grateful she wasn't harmed.

"[I'm] like, blessed, honestly that nothing bad happened to me and I'm here today," she said.

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