Woman Posts Theft Suspect's Photo On Craigslist

Becky Sloan Says Her Purse, Camera Were Stolen From Her Vehicle In April

A woman who had her purse and camera stolen told 10News that police did not follow up with an investigation, so she is doing it herself.

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Becky Sloan, a mother of two, said the theft occurred on April 27 in Pacific Beach. She said the items were stolen from her vehicle while she walked into a day care center to pick up her 4-year-old daughter.

"[I] walked into the back gate to pick her up, signed her out [and] was in the room for two to three minutes maximum," Sloan said.

She said the thief wasted no time, racking up hundreds of dollars in charges on her credit cards. Police filed a report but then the case went cold.

"I tried for two months to get in contact with the detective assigned to my case and I have not received a phone call back," said Sloan.

So, she hit the pavement herself and visited every store the thief used her credit cards. She even convinced several managers to give her surveillance video of the theft suspect.

Then, Sloan placed an ad on Craigslist with the suspect's photo. The ad read, "Do you know this guy?" So far, she has had two replies. One provided a possible name.

Then, Sloan discovered an photo of a man bearing a striking resemblance being arrested after leading San Diego police on a car chase three days after her belongings were stolen. Sloan said she feels she is closing in on the person she believes is responsible for the theft.

"Obviously, it's worked for me as just a citizen trying to catch the person who took my things," she said.

Now, she is hoping police will pick up the case from here. She told 10News she does not care about the cash, credit cards or gift cards but only her camera, which has priceless photos of her children.

"He took something that wasn't his and you know, it's just pictures and things I had in my purse but those are my things," Sloan said through tears. "And I have small children and there are things in there that I can't get back."

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