Woman Blames Skechers Butt-Shaping Shoes For Broken Bones

10News Learned Lawsuit Over Skechers Shape-Ups Continues To Expand

A local law firm says the number of people claiming they were seriously injured by a popular shoe is rising quickly.

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Since 10News aired a story last week about a class-action lawsuit against shoe company Skechers, emails and phone calls have been pouring in.

"It has really been a nightmare," said Danette Reando, a College Area resident.

A broken leg and ankle are painful reminders of Reando's October hike on Cowles Mountain.

She said her ordeal began when she couldn't find her Nike shoes. She then put on her Skechers "Shape-up" shoes and hiked up Cowles Mountain. As she was making her way down slowly on a straightaway, she fell.

"I took a step and instantly I was on the ground," said Reando. "I looked down and my right foot was horizontal."

Reando was airlifted to a hospital and treated for broken bones and torn ligaments. She said she has no doubt what caused her fall.

"It was my Skechers shoes," Reando said.

In commercials, Skechers claims the Shape-ups are revolutionary.

One ad stated: "With Shape-ups, you can finally get in shape without going to the gym."

A patented design with a rounded sole changes the way you walk, utilizing different muscles in your body and firming them up. However, some say it creates too much instability.

Views Skechers "Love Your Butt" Commercial

Last week, the San Diego law firm Estey and Bomberger filed suit on behalf of 37 people who bought Skechers' Shape-ups or Tone-up shoes. The suit claims serious injuries from falls and long-term use.

Since the story, emails have kept coming in to 10News, while the law firm continues to receive calls.

"We've gotten a call from a person an hour," said attorney Mike Bomberger.

Soon the plaintiffs -- currently 37 -- are expected to double in size.

"How many more people are going to be seriously injured before Skechers pulls the product from the market?" said Bomberger.

Reando said, "You don't get a piece of paper inside warning you about anything … I really wish as a product they would have done a better job, and then I wouldn't be sitting here today in a wheelchair."

In a statement, Skechers Fitness Group said:

"The recent reports of injuries supposedly associated with the use of Shape-ups must be viewed in context. When compared to publicly available data on footwear-related injuries reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS)

Many of our customers report to us that Shape-ups are the best shoes they have ever owned, and Shape-ups are consistently ranked as America's number one walking shoe on various third-party product review websites.

The injury rate attributed to Shape-ups is comparable to or lower than the estimated injury rate for other types of footwear, including high heels, or for other balance training exercise equipment.

The low rate of injuries reported compared to millions of pairs of Shape-ups sold, combined with the thousands of unsolicited testimonials we have received from satisfied customers who reported no safety or physical concerns, reaffirms our belief that Shape-ups are safe."

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