Woman Accused In Rental Scam Arrested Again

Dianne 'Harmony' Brown Accused Of Renting Out Homes She Does Not Own

The woman accused of being behind an elaborate home rental scam in Chula Vista was arrested shortly after leaving her million-dollar Eastlake home on Wednesday morning.

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A Chula Vista Police Department spokesman told 10News that Dianne "Harmony" Brown violated a court order by being inside the home.

"She was seen by a couple of detectives who were out in the neighborhood and she was seen leaving one of the properties that she was ordered to stay away from," said Chula Vista Police Capt. Gary Wedge.

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office said the home Brown had been living in is one of the 31 at the center of the alleged rental scam.

Brown has been charged with 61 felonies stemming from a scheme where she allegedly filed fraudulent deeds with the county recorder's office to seize foreclosed homes. The district attorney's office says that Brown would rent the homes out and pocket the money.

Brown posted bail after she pleaded not guilty to the 61 felonies. The then court ordered her to stay away from the homes.

10News reported last week that witnesses saw Brown at a couple of the homes a few hours after bailing out. On Wednesday morning, Chula Vista police saw for themselves and arrested her.

"It's an additional charge on top of everything else she has pending," said Wedge.

10News learned the locks at Brown's Eastlake home will be changed on Thursday and anyone living there will be evicted.

That includes Brown's husband, Dexter. He was home on Wednesday and told 10News reporter Joe Little the charges are bogus and they intend to fight back.

"There will be lawsuits coming once all of these charges are dismissed," said Dexter Brown.

However, he relented after he was asked about the charges against his wife.

"Harmony's methodology was flawed but her intentions were pure," he said.

In a previous interview with 10News, the Browns denied running any scam. They said they were putting the rent money into a trust fund that would pay for lawsuits against the banks that foreclosed on the previous homeowners.

However, a 10News investigation revealed none of the previous homeowners were aware of the Browns' intentions.

Brown is expected in court on Thursday to schedule her preliminary hearing. There is no word on whether any more charges will be added.

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