Wife: Husband Bragged About Bank Robbery Plan For 6 Months

The wife of a 69-year-old man accused in a brazen bank robbery told 10News he told convinced her to give him a ride to the bank he attempted to hold up.

Thurla Wilson said she received the shock of her life on Monday when she was told her husband was arrested for robbing a Bank of America branch in City Heights.

Police said Michael Wilson used a demand note and the threat of a briefcase bomb in his attempt.

No bomb was found, but when police tracked Michael Wilson down they discovered he was an elderly man with a cane.

Buried in under $40,000 of credit card debt, Michael Wilson said he was going to the bank to get the couple's mortgage payments lowered.

However, Thurla Wilson said when she learned of her husband's arrest, she recalled that he had been bragging about planning the crime for six months.

"We all told him it was stupid. No one ever even thought he was really considering it," she said.

She said her husband often said strange things, and that his leukemia was terminal. She also said he was taking 49 medications for everything from diabetes to bi-polar condition.

Thurla Wilson said her husband wasn't quite all there during a phone call after the arrest.

"I said, 'What do you think you were doing?' He said, 'Well, I thought I could get away with it and I didn't,'" she said.

Michael Wilson also reportedly claimed he got away with $130,000, but police said he got away with very little money.

He is in medical isolation at a downtown San Diego jail and is being held on $100,000 bail.