Web Site Offers Personal Information For A Price

10News Investigates Search Site ZabaSearch.com

It's one of the most popular sites on the Internet for getting information about someone, but does ZabaSearch go too far?

"There is identity theft going on right now, and that's what I'm concerned about," said Mike.

Mike does not want his true identity to be revealed. He is concerned about protecting his identity after he discovered his personal information on ZabaSearch.com.

ZabaSearch.com has been online for about a year and a half. It is a free service if you want to search a name, like an old friend or a neighbor.

But the search results are more extensive than Mike expected.

"The information is available to anybody. Just about anybody can know your name and where you live," said Mike.

The free results include a name, address, phone number and a map to the address. For fees ranging from $29.95 to $49.95, you can run background checks and people searches.

Mike said, "They are making money out of my personal information."

10News went to ZabaSearch.com and found San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders' information online. 10News paid a $49.95 fee, and found out his address, his wife's name and his neighbors.

What Sanders owes on his home was also made available.

Basically, if the mayor is vulnerable, then so are you.

"We have received a lot of complaints about ZabaSearch," said Beth Givens of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Givens said ZabaSearch is one of dozens of Web sites offering up your personal information for a price. While all of the Web sites allow you to remove your data, Givens told 10News it can be a hassle.

"Here is the rub: you have to give them more info than in some cases they already have on you," said Givens.

Mike told 10News he asked ZabaSearch to remove him from their database.

He said the Web site told him to send them a letter detailing all of the information he wants off the site, including his name, addresses, birth year and phone numbers.

"They don't want people to opt out. They have much more valuable service to their advertisers and others with the more info they have. They want to make it hard to opt out," said Givens.

Sanders and his security staff told 10News they were aware of Web sites such as ZabaSearch, and they regularly montior these databases.

ZabaSearch told 10News their Web site is perfectly legal and they do not publish Social Security numbers.

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