Rumors rampant around Trump, Allred announcements

Twitterverse, Facebook ablaze with rumors

The Internet is ablaze Wednesday with rumors around announcements planned by Donald Trump and Gloria Allred, which they say will have serious implications for the presidential race.

On his Twitter account and in interviews, Trump hinted early this week about a bombshell of an announcement that would negatively affect President Barrack Obama. Trump has been a vocal advocate for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Twitterverse erupted Tuesday with guesses on what the announcement could be, which is expected to be made some time Wednesday at noon. The Daily Mail reported that Trump will reveal that the Obamas once contemplated splitting up.

Trump's big reveal could ultimately be trumped, however, by Gloria Allred who is also set to make  her own announcement.

Allred, who is in the other side of the political spectrum as Trump, supposedly has some dirt on Romney and it may have something to do with abortion.

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