SD woman returns coffee pot stolen by parents from Waldorf Astoria

Judy Schreiber said dad swiped pot in the 1930s

NEW YORK - A woman in San Diego has returned a long-lost item stolen from the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York during the 1930s.

Judy Schreiber said her father stole a silver coffee pot from the high-end hotel on Park Avenue.

Schreiber said her dad took the pot during a one-night honeymoon stay at the hotel in 1938.

Every year, on her parents anniversary, her father would break out the pot and use it make coffee.

It was returned to the hotel as part of an amnesty program, which encouraged people to return items that have been taken over the years, no questions asked.

Items returned, so far, included butter knives, spoons and a coaster.

Read more about the program in The New York Times.

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