NYU class assignment causes outrage

Critics concerned about class

NEW YORK - A New York University course is being criticized for asking students to step into the role of a terrorist and to write out a plan on how they would attack the United States.

The course is taught by Professor Marie-Helen Maras, a former Navy criminal investigator, according to the Daily Mail. As part of the assignment, students are asked to be detailed in their plan and to figure out how to smuggle weapons, how to get funding and how many terrorists would be involved.

News of the course had many fuming, especially those in the New York Police Department.  The New York Post interviewed a source with NYPD who said the assignment "flies in the face of 11 years of hard work the department has done to prevent terrorism."

It's especially concerning because some of the most notorious terrorists got their start at college campuses, according to the source.

Professor Maras argued the assignment is a good way to prepare students for a career in intelligence and counter terrorism.

The class is offered in NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies Center for Global Affairs.

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