Florida school district consider cameras for school trash cans

Officials say students tossing fruits, veggies

TAVARES, Fla. - A school district in Florida is considering installing video cameras on cafeteria trash cans as a way to monitor the effects of a new federal lunch policy that limits portions and promote fruits and vegetables.

School officials in the district say more than $75,000 worth of fresh fruits and veggies have been wasted since the policy was implemented in January.

The school district say they believe putting up cameras will help them determine the types of food the students don't want. That will help them figure out what students prefer and how to serve food within the federal mandate without it being wasted.

Meanwhile, parents are concerned that individual students would be caught on camera and be held responsible for throwing away food.

School officials have yet to make a decision on the camera proposal, but maintain that students' faces would not be recorded. They say also that the district would use old security cameras to keep costs down.

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