Cat runs for mayor in Halifax

Feline candidate seeks to better lives of kitties

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - Election year politics have often been referred to as "going to the dogs," but a dapper feline in Canada is hoping his run for mayor will help improve the quality of life for area kitties.

According to CTV News, owners Hugh and Kathy Chisholm said they launched the Tuxedo Party, with Stan as its leader, as a means to address Halifax’s problem with feral cats.

On his Facebook page, the 3-year-old cat states that his Tuxedo Party is a political movement aimed to improve the welfare of felines in Halifax Regional Municipality "because neglect isn't working."

Hugh Chisholm told CBC News that the purring politico's campaign is making news around the world.

"I think the thing that floored me the most was a couple of days ago we got a tweet that Stan had made the Sky News Arabia Network," Chisholm said, "so I followed the link and here's a story about Stan in a language that I have absolutely no idea what he's saying except every so often he comes out with 'Tuxedo Stan.'"

CTV News reported that the two candidates "officially" running in the upcoming municipal election tweeted that they attended his campaign launch party, and that it was "standing room only."

But while Tuexdo Stan's run may be garnering significant media attention and popularity with voters, municipal laws prevent a cat from legitimately running for mayor.

However, that hasn't stopped his presence from being felt at the mayoral debates on Wednesday. Throngs of Stan supporters staged what they called a "Pussy Riot" at the debates -- after his invitation was lost in the mail -- to ensure his platform to promote the importance of spaying and neutering cats was heard.

There was no word on Stan's political stance on catnip or other recreational herbal substances.

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