California sex offenders file lawsuit over Halloween restrictions

Ban restricts Halloween decorations for offenders

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - A lawsuit was filed against the city of Simi Valley by five California sex offenders and their families claiming that a Halloween restriction that has been placed on them violates free speech.

Simi Valley is one of several communities in California to adopt new restrictions on convicted sex offenders. This includes an ordinance that prevents them from setting up outdoor decorations and lighting on Halloween.

The law also orders them to post a sign on the door that reads: "No candy or treats at this residence."

One of the plaintiffs said he believes the rule was put in place with the thinking that sex offender registrants would want to pass out candy to children.

This plaintiff told, "That is not the case for me"

The sex offender registrant, who is also a father of two, said the ordinance is affecting his kids.

"This ordinance affects the residents," he said. "It is being enforced on my wife and children. My kids can not even carve a pumpkin and put in the front porch."

The attorney representing the sex offenders and their families said the restriction violates freedom of speech.

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