Video Shows How Ex-Officer Cheated At Casino

Former Chula Vista Police Officer Jesus Salazar Pleaded Guilty To Bet Capping

Surveillance video footage obtained by 10News shows how a former Chula Vista police officer cheated at a game of blackjack in June.

"This is good evidence we have. The camera tells no lies," said Steve Van Slyke, director of surveillance for the Sycuan Gaming Commission.

The video, released by the Sycuan Gaming Commission, shows 30-year-old Jesus Salazar's four hands of blackjack in the early morning hours at Sycuan Casino on June 2.

"In each of the hands, he looks at his hand, likes his and caps his bet. He tries to add more chips to his original hand," said Van Slyke.

In the video shot by an overhead camera, Salazar, in the first three hands, adds a $25 chip when the dealer is looking in the other direction at a player on the other side of the table.

Despite three capped bets, Salazar ties the dealer on two of the hands and only wins one hand. He earned an extra $25 because of the cheating.

In the fourth hand, Van Slyke said Salazar appears to slip up.

"As he's adding a $25 bet, as the dealer is looking at his hand and the dealer pushes back the bet," Van Slyke said.

Salazar claimed he was just trying to add to his bet to split the cards, which is a legal move.

However, security had already been notified and began screening the video.

Soon after, the nine-year police veteran was arrested.

It was not his first arrest at the casino. On Apirl 9, Salazar rolled through a stop sign and eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DUI.

He resigned from the force in mid-June.

Salazar pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for bet capping and was sentenced to three years of probation and was ordered to stay away from the casino.

Van Slyke said the same should go for other cheaters.

"I wouldn't try it at Sycuan because you will get caught," he said.

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