Video Reveals Cause Of Fight At Downtown Club

Brawl At Belo Nightclub Left 3 Injured

New video obtained by 10News is revealing what caused a violent brawl at a downtown nightclub early Wednesday morning.

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In the video shot with a cellphone, two different groups of men are seen on the stage at the Belo club arguing across a DJ booth. After a man jumps onto the table, he is struck in the head and nearly knocked to the floor. The man who threw the punch is struck in the head, and the fight erupts from that point.

San Diego police said there have been 51 calls for officers to Belo's address in the past year. Many were for fights or intoxication incidents, almost a dozen were for burglar alarms and others were thefts of purses, credit cards and cellphones.

A local promoter told 10News he knew weeks ago that the show at Belo would turn violent. He said mixing the crowd -- from different neighborhoods of San Diego -- was not a good idea.

After the fight eventually spilled into the street, three people were injured and one person was arrested for being drunk in public.

Nearby business owners said problems at Belo are nothing new.

10News wanted to show the video to the owner or management of Belo, but they did not return any calls.

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