Vandals Damage Local High School Over Weekend

One week into the school year, and already vandals have hit Westview High School.

Broken windows, profanity and racial remarks scratched into windows and thousands of dollars worth of damage was discovered over the weekend by a custodian.

"… A lot of destruction, mostly broken windows … (There were) lots and lots of broken windows, glass everywhere," said Dawn Kastner, Principal of Westview High School.

Just like a similar incident on the same campus last year, there were feces intentionally left on the school grounds, this time in the science building.

This latest act has Kastner dismayed, as she said it is not the behavior of the students on her campus.

"It doesn't represent our school. It doesn't represent our community. This is just so foreign to us, something different than what we see at this school," said Kastner.

It was last December when a custodian found a swastika made of feces on the Westview campus. It was smeared on the student store.

Kastner said all of this hate behavior will not be tolerated.

"We have school lessons at the beginning of the year that discusses a few things to make sure students understand the expectations," said Kastner.

The school will soon be installing security cameras to prevent vandalism in the future. However, Kastner would rather spend the money on something else.

"Especially with our budget situation, this is a dumb thing to be spending money on," Kastner.

There is no evidence linking the vandalism to a student, and San Diego police are now investigating the latest incident.

"We need help from the community because we need to find out who is doing this and make it stop," said Kastner.

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