UFO Trickster Explains Mystery Lights

Three mysterious red lights seen over East County early Friday morning weren’t alien spacecraft but part of an ongoing hoax, 10News reported.

The red lights were seen by viewers in El Cajon, Spring Valley, Serra Mesa, La Mesa and Normal Heights.

"It was clear as day. You could see it," Christiana Rodriguez told 10News reporter Allison Ash. "It was sitting and it hovered and it came towards me and it was something that wasn't even normal."

The origin was a mystery until Friday evening when acting on a tip 10News went to a location in El Cajon.

There Todd Fassler explained how he creates the hovering lights with weather balloons and street flares.

Fassler said he has launched the balloons n New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July for about five years.

"It is fun," Fassler said. "It gets everyone wondering what is going on."

Fassler said he will stop launching the balloons.