Boy's letter to editor eulogizes euthanized cat

Cat was inadvertently euthanized

SALT LAKE CITY - An 8-year-old boy's letter about his love for his cat has been published by his hometown newspaper in Utah after it was euthanized when an animal shelter worker forgot to leave a note on its cage.

Rayden Sazama wrote that "Yesterday grown-ups killed my kitty, my best friend, when they weren't supposed to."

The Herald Journal, of Logan, published the letter Thursday, and by Friday, it had received the fourth-most comments on the newspaper's website -- behind three letters about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The black cat disappeared from Rayden's home on Sept. 28. Rayden's father found it Tuesday at Cache Humane Society's shelter.

But he had to pay a fee at another government building that was closed. When he returned the next day, the cat had been euthanized.

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