Twins Accused Of Using Romance To Run Scam

Simon Gann is wanted in Massachusetts, investigated in Virginia and has been seen recently in San Diego.

Gann is accused of using romance to take advantage of women.

"People think, 'How stupid can you be for being conned?'" said Meredith Gavin.

Gavin had a relationship with Gann, she thinks. She can't say for certain because Simon Gann has an identical twin brother, Jordan.

Gavin is not sure which twin did her in, and now she is using the Internet to warn others.

Gavin said she was bilked out of $1,000 four years ago when one of the brothers romanced her.

She has a three-year-old son from the relationship.

"I think the more people who come forward, the less embarrassing it is," she said.

The 10News I-Team learned that more people are coming forward

Jordan Gann's arrest in Tampa for fraud last month was caught on tape.

Authorities found Jordan in a local bar where he had been talking about renting the place for a party for $15,000. Apparently, it was just a ruse to get free food and drinks.

In the Tampa courtroom, Jordan would not reveal his true name and the judge was puzzled by his behavior.

The I-Team found court documents that showed Jordan posing as Simon before.

Jordan Gann now sits in jail without bond until his next court date.

While Jordan sits behind bars, Simon Gann has been spotted in the Gaslamp Quarter.

The I-Team was told he talked about graduating from MIT, owning property in La Jolla and being in finance.

Simon never attended MIT and he does not own property in La Jolla, the I-Team learned.

Because of Gavin's Web site, people doubting the Gann brothers' stories are searching their names and aliases, and they're being warned.

"This is what he does. He does not have a job and doesn't have a legal address. This is what he does for a living," said Gavin.

On Wednesday, Simon allegedly pretended to be a victim of his own schemes and contacted Gavin in her Albany, NY home through her Web site.

He asked and received her cell phone number and has been threatening her ever since, according to Gavin.

Simon Gann has 6 criminal cases against him in Massachusetts and a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear for jury duty.

He is also being investigated in Virginia for fraud.

If you are a victim, call the 10News I-Team.

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