Trolley Expansion Near UCSD Discussed

It's been talked about for years, but a plan to bring the trolley north is close to being realized.

The bus system for the University of California, San Diego is a good one, but some students run into problems when they rush to class.

"All the busses are full all the time unless it's mid-morning or very early in the morning," said UCSD student Caitlyn peck.

The other option for students is to park off campus and walk, which isn't much of an option to some.

"My students are late to class a lot of the time because they couldn't find parking, so it would be a good idea … yeah, a great idea," said UCSD grad Naomi Haynes.

The idea is to expand the trolley line north, and it is a proposal whose time has come, according to the San Diego Association of Governments, or SANDAG.

"This will be the first push, not only to the north but the north coastal area," said San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

How to get to those areas is what is being debated. Three routes are proposed: one through Rose Canyon and two others along Interstate 5, much like the east line that runs along Interstate 8. The line at some point would cross over the freeway and up to UCSD.

The Price Center at UCSD is one of the proposed stops for the northbound trolley, but some wonder if it is built, will it be used?

UCSD student Nick Shah told 10News, "Yeah, I'm probably going to get a ticket in the next 20 minutes."

"Because parking's a hassle?" asked 10News' Bob Lawrence.

Shah replied, "Yeah."

When the trolley opened at San Diego State University in 2005, parking problems improved significantly.

Last year alone, more than 10,000 semester passes were issued, as nearly a quarter of the student population now take the trolley instead of driving.

Eventually, one route will be decided upon and if federal funding can be obtained, the hope is to have the new line open by 2016.