Traffic Tickets -- Pay It Or Fight It?

When you get a traffic ticket you have a choice to either pay it or fight it.

A growing number of people are choosing to fight, and are hiring lawyers and taking their cases to court.

A few days a week, you can find Chapman Ducote in his sports car.

“It's a very rare car, but it is typical classic Ferrari style. Front engine. Roadster style," said Ducote.

It is a style that is cramped when Ducote receives the occasional traffic ticket.

“They're mainly speeding violations," said Ducote.

When Ducote is issued a ticket, he calls a traffic lawyer whose practice is often devoted to tickets.

A growing number of drivers are hiring traffic lawyers who deal with everything from non-moving violations, to speeding, to DUIs.

“We've handled, in the last twenty years, over 500,000 tickets. Currently, we're doing over 1,000 tickets a week," said lawyer Mark Gold.

Many believe if you hire an attorney, you might beat the ticket.

“Sometimes we'll get you no points, no traffic school, which is really important cause it won't affect your insurance," said Gold.

Rates vary, but hiring a ticket lawyer now costs as little as $70.

Jim Baxter with the National Motorists Association said that is nothing compared to the price of paying a ticket up front.

“A simple ticket can raise premiums on your insurance for a $100 to $300 per year. If you have multiple vehicles and multiple drivers, it can be of significant consequence," said Baxter.

Why not just fight a ticket on your own?

Traffic lawyers insist they know the players and how to zero in on any errors.

“For example, the most typical speeding ticket is radar. There's a whole chapter of rules and regulations that talk about how an officer has to write a radar ticket," said Baxter.

AAA said there is no research proving traffic attorneys are any more successful than the average person, but many drivers said it is the way to go.

If you receive a traffic ticket and want to contest it, experts advised to make sure you contact a traffic lawyer within 30 days, otherwise you risk losing your license.

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