Tijuana Landslide Forces Hundreds From Homes

Geologists Worried Hillside Will Soon Collapse

Seventy families in Tijuana, Mexico, have been forced out of their homes by a landslide. Unfortunately, many of them have no place to go, according to 10News.

Resident Jasmin Diaz said, "We were barely up when they came and they told us to get out and they didn't allow us in until now."

Diaz and her neighbors were evacuated early Thursday morning.

"(We had) about three hours to gather and take our stuff out," Diaz said.

Although the sun has been out for more than a week, water is still draining and the soil continues to slide.

Geologists with the city of Tijuana are worried the hillside is going to collapse and take the 69 homes with it. A few homes have already been lost and others could go any minute, according to 10News.

Earlier this month, two separate landslides killed three children in another Tijuana neighborhood.

"It's good they have evacuated us because of our children. I've been seeing everything that's happen. We're doing this for our children. That's why we weren't opposed to the move; we understand. But it's hard to leave your home behind after eight years here," Diaz said.

For the time being, Diaz is going to stay with friends. Her family will then look for a place to live. But, sadly, most of the people in the neighborhood will end up in city-run shelters.

In recent weeks, 4,500 people who live on dangerous hillsides in Tijuana have been evacuated and are staying in shelters. The number could be higher, but many refuse to evacuate.

"A lot of people don't want to leave because they have no place to go and because they're afraid they'll lose whatever is left of their properties," said Diaz.

It's estimated that more than 70,000 people are living in high-risk zones in Tijuana, a city with more than 1.5 million residents.

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