Teens Accused Of Burglarizing Tierrasanta Home

Incident Occurred At Villa Portofino Across Street From Serra High School

Two Serra High School students were in police custody on Thursday after police say they burglarized a Tierrasanta home across from the school.

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Because they are juveniles, police are not releasing the teens’ names. One of them was taken from the school in handcuffs after San Diego police officers found his abandoned backpack near the crime scene, with his school id inside.

A second teen was captured as he tried to hide from police in the Villa Portofino complex where the burglary occurred. Police are still trying to find the third teen who was involved as well as the items that were stolen from a home in the 10600 block of Esmereldas Drive.

According to police reports, the teens pried a screen off an open kitchen window and climbed into the home, taking two laptops, a camera, an iPod, bicycle parts and cash.

Police were called when an observant neighbor noticed the teens climbing over a fence.

"[The neighbor] did the right thing," said San Diego police Lt. James Keck. "They saw suspicious behavior, suspicious activity and contacted the police. We were able to get there quickly and locate and apprehend at least some of the people that were involved."

Police said they are looking into whether the teens broke into a second home blocks away on Escobar Drive.

"My house was a mess," said Kimberly Medsker, who says she left for 20 minutes to run an errand and came back to destruction. "My furniture was turned upside down. There was eggs and food all over the kitchen floor. My Playstation, my stereo was turned upside down. My daughter’s room was ransacked. It was just a mess."

Nothing was taken from Medsker's house.

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