Teen says bullying accusations cost him friends, job

Nick Aguirre accused of bullying Katie Uffens


A teen accused of bullying a classmate so much she transferred schools told 10News the story being told is all wrong.
Last month, 16-year-old Nick Aguirre was taken away from school in handcuffs for his alleged role in the bullying of former Westview High School student Katie Uffens.
On Tuesday, Uffens, a former cheerleader at the school, took her story national, sharing her experiences with Katie Couric on "Katie."
Since 10News' story aired, Aguirre has been threatened online, lost his job and lost his friends. He told 10News he's been unfairly painted as the villain and is worried it will get worse now that the story has gone national.
"No matter what I do, people are going to think it's bad. Now I have a bad name to the whole United States," said Aguirre.
A Google search of his name and "bully" seems to be attached to it. In online comment sections, Aguirre has been convicted, insulted and threatened.
"I should be worrying about school, getting a job, getting my license. I wanted to save up for a car to drive. Now that may never happen," said Aguirre.
Aguirre said he was fired from his job at a local arcade after his boss saw the stories that connected him to bullying.
"And he's just like, 'I'm sorry, but this is bad for my business. I can't keep you,'" said Aguirre.
Uffens and her mother accused Aguirre of starting the "Kill Katie Klub." 
"We have evidence that this happened. She didn't make it up," said Uffen's mother, Giselle Uffens.
Aguirre admitted he said that, but both the school and police determined it wasn't a threat or a club.
"I talked to police. I talked to school officials. There wasn't enough evidence to prove anything was real, because nothing was real," said Aguirre.
Seven months later -- two days after 10News' report -- Aguirre was arrested at school after the Uffens family came to police with harassing phone calls they recorded. The family also had a stack of harassing online messages, but none were from Aguirre.
Aguirre has not been charged.
"People might be watching this and saying, it's your fault, you bullied her. No. I didn't bully her. I said one little statement because I was mad, because I was tired of her constantly talking crap about people, so I stepped up, and this happens, Aguirre said.
Aguirre and his family believe the Uffens family has blown the story out of proportion for personal exposure and gain.
Giselle Uffens said the community has turned against her family.
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