Teen accused of bullying talks to 10News

Nick Aguirre accused in bullying of Katie Uffens


One of two accused bullies arrested at Westview High School on Tuesday in connection with a scheme to terrorize a former student told 10News that he is actually the victim. 
"I [was] put in handcuffs and taken away to the police station," said Nick Aguirre, who admitted to playing a role in the bullying of Katie Uffens last year.
"Basically, what I said to one of my friends was 'Kill Katie Klub,'" he said. "That's all I said. It was a one-liner thing… we never had any intentions to hurt anybody."
He said that is where it ended and that he had not talked to her since.
However, police and Uffens' mother had a different story. 
"The kids didn't stop," said mother Giselle Uffens. "They kept calling us, calling us, calling us." 
Giselle Uffens recorded dozens of phone calls that she handed over to police, which they used to take Aguirre and another teen into custody.
"They were like, 'You were making harassing phone calls, and I was like, 'No I wasn't,'" said Aguirre. "No matter how many times I told her, I swore on the Holy Bible, everything I did... she was convinced."
The game of he said, she said may be decided in court. 
"The hate has increase dramatically," said Giselle Uffens. "I can't even verbalize in words how badly it's damaged my family."
No charges have been formally filed. Once the detective finishes her report, it will be given to the juvenile district attorney, who will then determine if charges will be filed or if the teens will head to court. 
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